Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Room design: Fairlight's Candy room

The Candy room is on it's way.

I so love the BIG candies! I felt like a midget holding one.

I just bought some gift wrapper and we stuffed it with wrinkled newspapers. 2 meters lasted for 3 bug ones.

We have saved a few cereal boxes as well, to make even more candy. I'm very exited to see what it will look like when we're done.

We will make some huge lollipops as well. This is fun!

Dollhouse: Pool part 2

First step done. I'm very impressed by myself so far!

Now it's time for some Lego time with my son TeeBee who's always home on Tuesdays. Suits me perfect today since I'm down with a small fever and massive headache.

Sneeze, sneeze and sneeze all day long. Poor me have not even make up on!

THAT'S how bad it is..

Dollhouse: Pool

The dollhouse needs a pool the kids said.

An old chocolate box, a roll from a tape and some print outs of grass, pool water and a brick wall might do it?

Will be interesting to see how this will turn out..