Monday, August 1, 2011

What about that "normal" apron?

I got lexured yesterday about my somewhat plain apron I was wearing:

Heatherface said...
Shame on you, Adora! Your apron is so plain and white! You should add some lace or something! ;)

Rubina Månsken said...
hahha heatherface is right! Your apron is not goth enough!!!

Thank you! Very good comments, my fellow goths!
I have better aprons I assure you, but this is an original from a swedish housewife school from 1951, so I don't have the heart to change something with such a story :)
It is one of my favorite aprons, and I only wear it on very special occations!

Pre-birthday party for Synthia

I started off the morning by making 5 different kinds of cookies. Defrosted some mini-cupcakes I made earlier this week.
Hey - I might be super-Adora, but to make 7 different kinds of cookies before noon? Even for me that is a big task! I'm sorry if I disappoint anyone ;)

Packed it all in a bag, as the birthday cake and took my whole family with me to my friend L's house where Synthia decorated her cake and I and L put all our cookies on a big table to give our kids the full sugar rush experience ;)
Here are some of mine
 And here's the kitchen bitch herself. Notice the little hand to the lower right *haha*