Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Goth on the road

On my way to my mum and her husband in Drag, Kalmar. My cute grandfather Harry will swing by too, he only lives about 25 meters from her house.

Adora bleeding in her head

Ouch! I bent down and my husband opened the bathroom cabinet, took out a few things, went away and I stood up.
It hurted so much I started to cry ( see, I'm not made of stone!).
I screamed and cried so much the kids ran to comfort me.
As I removed my hand there was loads of blood! Lovely!
Of course prior one was to take a picture of the whole thing to show you :)

TeeBee almost went into shock saying; I've never seen mum cry before, this is the first time! Haha!
And Fairlight replied she'd seen me cry once - when they had been very naughty.
By this you can come to two conclusions:
1. I don't cry that often.
2. My kids are rarely naughty.
(and 3. I'm a klutz.)