Monday, June 20, 2011

Modelling Marita Näsman

The secret shoot I did some time ago is now being released!
It's for the hairdresser and company owner of Marita's Studio; Maria Näsman, and the shot is done by the AMAZING photographer Henrik Pilerud who's also done many videos, amongst others 2 for the electro band Elegant Machinery where I have small cameos :)

The ravishing skirt and collar + cuffs are made by Thistel (from band Mergel Kratzer). Marita made the hair.


I've just ordered these glasses.
When summer comes it's so nice to be out strolling and hunting for humans, but since it's hot outside the blood flows faster from their bodys then in the winter time so I need bigger glasses to protect me from getting blood in my eyes that clouds my vision. And I figured these would be perfect.
And of course they can be used on the head to hide a growth too. Stylish AND practical :)

If the quality is good (=don't leak, and looks nice) I'm thinking of having them in my webshop.
I have been working the whole weekend on it and so far I think it will soon be opened for business. But for now I only have a couple of stockings....not much business there. The lashes and make up will be added the next 2 weeks, and the Adorable Heart blouse seems never to be ready...
It's been VERY big trouble finding the materials I want ;/ But it's within the horizon.

Now it's time to brush the fangs to keep them in shape for Midsummer!

Todays outfit

Sweden is at it's prime with a perfect sun almost every day. It's wonderful and I feel like a black dressed Julie Andrews when I'm outside....
..but with sunblock 50+ from Vichy and a big umbrella and singing "Kill, kill, kill, because I can...." instead of "Listen to the Sound of Music..."

I have spanish heritage, I'm a 1/8 of a Spanish and I get tanned sooo easy. Not red like most swedes, but brown at once - isn't that just typhical! Many people would kill for that, and I have the worst trouble every summer to stay looking half dead.

I forgot my gloves ONE DAY when I went to daycare and back (a super short trip of about 3-4 minutes each way) and already my hands are browner then the rest of me!
Never, ever not to wear gloves again! It looks so stupid now.

Hat, blouse: H&M, stockings: Shock, skirt: (altered) Lindex, short petticoat: online pornshop, shoes: Demonia, gloves: Camden market, London, belt: from another shirt
I love my pearl bracelets (I mix real as well as fake). My grandma always used pearls so I really love it since it makes me think of her <3 My grandpa even gave me her two long pearl necklaces she always wore since he knew how much I loved them. And he was so right - it is still the best gift ever given to me.