Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm a pimp

...or should it be a pimper?

I love to Glam things up; my Barbies as a child, my own clothes as a teen, my boyfriends at the lawful age....
Now I noticed the kids sun hats a bit overly washed so I couldn't let them look so sad :(
As an attempt to make them happy once more I gripped my varnish glue, printed some stuff and digged up glitter and the kids got so happy!
(the hats too. I'm a good pimp)

BatBrat idea: neckbelt

I have a few cool necklaces that's a bit too long to be a favorite because I would like them shorter around my neck and are too lazy to shorten them so I end up with a safety pin in the back and that doesn't look that UCG.
But since the happy 80's when personal creativity exploed we wore our necklaces as "belts" and I have continued using this lovely idea.
Mostly I have had crosses, but since I've got a nice blood necklace I might as well use it.
Clever, right?!
I'm so smart, I'm so clever!

TeeBee did it!

Leaving your kids at their grandpa one night is the best trick to make them learn how to bike.
I missed TB an awful lot yesterday but I was so pleased to see grandpa's work gave fruit!

He can now ride his bike without support and grandpa deserves a nice rest after all that running.
I gave him comfort though by saying it was the last BatBrat kid he'd have to teach to bike since we will not have more kids.
He looked relaxed when hearing that :)