Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Fairlight 's pink bed is now glued and ready for using.

It will get the legs painted and then we will make some pillow and stuff.

But it's ready for a play test.

This is how the original print looked like, the blue one I altered in Photoshop.


Next bed in process. I think they look divine! I'm just a happy amateur but I'm still impressed that I could make such a cute bed just out of paper :)

Perhaps I regret it in one hour when the kids smash it...


This thing, dollhouse decorating, would very much be the best thing ever!

I have seen some real pro people out there that makes a dollhouse so real, it's fantastic!

I'm still but an amateur but I enjoy myself and the kids are so happy with the progress. After all, it's to be played with, not stand and collect dust.

I just made Synthias blue bed and will now make Fairlight's pink bed.

I just took a picture of the web, transformed it a bit in Photoshop, printed and glued on both sides of an old ice cream carton for stability and put together. For legs I used the stick from the ice cream, painted white and glued them on with my glue gun.

Ta daa!  One bed made!

It's getting tested right now for playing, and so far, so good.