Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This night 4 years ago TeeBee was born

At 01.10 I was getting into labour, and 01.50 he entered our lives <3
I'm fast at giving birth...

Well, the water broke as soon as I got up this morning (4 years ago), and since he had not fixated his head (as they should the last weeks) it's a danger the umbilical cord can be jammed and that's not good, so I had to get to the hospital asap.
I didn't want to give birth the 2'nd of November, I had my sight on the 3'rd since it's my dead grandmothers birthday (and Fairlight is born on my grandfathers birthday) so I tried hard to keep him in ;)
This is me taking the CTG (checking the babys heart-beat)
In the fantastic stylish non-gothic robe they gave me. I look like a BLIMP!

TeeBee is born!
Daddy is proud....and tired
Meeting his sisters for the first time
Going home (3 days later)
Wow, this was just a fantastic day 4 years ago!
We thought he was another girl (statistics says if you have already 2 in one sex, there is an 80% chance to get the same sex again) so you can imagine our surprise and happy shouts from me since I so wanted a boy this time! Got it all in the video :)

He had his umbilical cord around his neck and wasn't breathing when he entered the world. I was supposed to cut it this time - but the accoucheuse just cut it and ran away with him to the emergency room :(
But at least I got to cut it a bit shorter when he got back. It might sound disgusting but it was a proud moment in my life. I have a picture of it, but I will spare you the sight....

Happy Birthday TeeBee Valentin Charles Emil Wimmerstedt!