Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today's make up

Here I am at school to get Fairlight and Synthia.

And I'm wearing the lovely Bat necklace I was given as a gift from the lovely Chelsea from London (Synthetic Doll) in my hair. She's got an etsy as well - with all these lovely designs HERE.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today's make up

Tonight is Christmas crafting at TeeBee 's daycare.

The kids at his daycare are so funny! One girl, 5 years, always comes up to me with a smile and says I'm scary. But then she also say I'm so pretty! Can't beat that - scary and pretty! A Goths dream.
Another girl always wants me to show my fangs, and 2 girls apparently watch my YouTube videos constantly.

Last week the daycare teachers told me the kids (girls) even play that they are me and Fairlight!
Apparently they drink tea and makes cupcakes. They totally nailed my life!

Christmas crafting with the kids 2011

Some kids grow up hating Christmas, mainly because they have a Goth mum who force them to do over cute crafting all the time.

I dragged them to a Red Cross second hand store where we picked up different things to make. One thing we thought out was button hearts. The kids picked out a few packs each for the cost of 5 SEK( about $0,7?). Fairlight did the one on top, with the bigger buttons, and Synthia the one with smaller.

Yesterday was button heart making.
We used:
buttons in various sizes and models
steel wire
organza ribbon
steel cutter

Fairlight 's buttons were bigger so she threaded the steel wire directly through each button, made it to the shape of a heart, I tied the organza ribbon as a bow - and ta -daa it made a perfect Christmas ornament.

Synthia 's buttons were so small so she had to thread the buttons through a 4 mm organza ribbon first (organza ribbon instead of ordinary thread makes the buttons stay put) and then she wrapped it around the steel wire and made it to a heart.
So cute!
Cheap, fun - and most important: pretty! I hate having kids crafting on public display when it's ugly, so I simply only craft pretty things with them. And they will probably thank me later in life when they actually will be able to use all their handmade things without puking!
And still they had fun making it.
See, not only ugly things are fun to make!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Saturday make up: How to wax eyebrows

Get hold of something firm, or call a help line or something, because this will be bad! I'm producing the first ever pictures of me without ANY make up!!! Nude!
Ghastly, I know! I'm sorry for doing this to you.

To maintain this fanciful exterior I have devoted my life to I need to do some sacrifices once a week.
One sacrifice makes me say; "Ouch! For the love of...!", "Man, that hurts!" and "Aargggh!!!".
That's my Saturday Sacrifice: The Shining Waxing....

Before, with all the brows trying to get a grip on my face
(and yes, it is my correct eye color, I have only changed the rest to grayscale)
I use Veet cold wax stripes for legs and cut them in right sizes. This way it's cheaper and better I think. Add some Vaseline (or the potion sent in the package) and rub over the area afterwards to remove any access wax.

Smooth like a babys buttI then put on Boot's No7 before I use my foundation (Kryolan TV-white)
And now is the time to be wild!!! Well, I don't celebrate the stupid idea to try on something new with your make up in the morning - this have clearly been stated in my youtube videos.

But this was an impulse. I just couldn't stop! At first the eyebrows swirl made me look so angry. What to do? I couldn't remove what I did without ruining the make up, so I just had to keep it going until it looked ok.

Think it's too many pictures of me? Mo-ha-ha-haaa, I'm not done yet!

And last, but not least - the whole me.
And then it was time to go and meet Santa together with the baby bats.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas tree

It's almost done! My first ever plastic fake tree! I think it looks cute< 3

It's not so "me", I'm more of an old fashion girl myself. A Swedish Christmas tree  is one of the most beautiful things there is to me. But since I've lived through so many christmases during my vampire life I think it was time to go for something different.  So far I'm a fan. The red Christmas decorations are better for randomly squirts of blood (you might just happen to put a knife into Santa's big,inviting belly).

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Christmas tree

Next step: Lights on!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas tree up!

For the first time in history I will have a fake tree. Horrible, I know, but I got it super cheap! This deluxe version costs about $100 and I got it for $14!

I'm famous amongst my friends for being a remarkable sales finder (or a real cheap bastard).

Sure I will miss the smell, and the constant watering as well as all stitches I get to decorate the damn thing and not to mention all the "brarr" (?) that you step on all the way to next summer, but I just might find joy in this one too.

I've got lights and decorating left as you can see.

Will the kids join in?

Hahaha - hell no! This is my fun. Mine, ONLY mine! *said with a dark and scary voice*

My tradition have always been to decorate the tree, and I will never let anyone take it away from me.

The kids are "allowed" to hang the plastic ornaments, but the old glass ones I've got from grandma noone touches!

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Gingerbread baking

Me and the kids just made a HUGE batch of gingerbread dough.
It smells delicious here now.
I use the recipe from Johan Sörbergs book "Riddarbageriets Bästa". It will now be put in the refrigerator for at least a week to let the flavors develop, well, all of it except the parts we are going to eat right now;)
Wow, it is just SO good! I've been using this recipe for 4 or 5 years now and I love it.
Now it's dough time!

Today's make up

The Grinch in me are starting to break out.
Green eye shadow over the whole eyelids all the way up to my "eyebrows ".
Then I added one of my fav dots - the white ones. I think it makes me look like Bambi.

I use Kryolan liquid foundation TV white for that. I dip the end (the opposite end of the brush) into the bottle and then use that side to get equal dots.

Adora BatBrat and Iva Insane in Camden!!!

In October this year I did one of my most celebrated TV performances in mankind history.
You see, people rely on my good sense of style to know what's okay to wear.
Of course I like to help as much as I can to help preventing style failures.
And if you keep watching you'll see what I think about the color...

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Today's make up

Uhuhh, time wanted to go faster today. Why is it always so? You have lots of time - but then all of a sudden you don't? And you stand there in your laced stockings and realize you have 6 minutes to do your make up and 1 minute to put the rest of your clothes on...

This is what happened today.

Priority is always foundation and powder for me, so quickly on with Boots no 7 (an anti wrinkle serum) and then on with the Kryolan TV white 2 foundation using a foundation brush.
I swear to God that brush saves me like 6 minutes every morning! Get one!
IsAdora (well, IsaDora really but 9someone told me it should be IsAdora instead).
Rouge and the rouge as eyeshadow as well.
2 black lines at the end of each eye, and 2 dots for eyebrows. Mascara.
And a fast version of lipstick (like on one of my videos).
Dab some thin layer of vaseline on eyelids and under the eye, put some glitter on.
Puh - now you have a 6 minutes make up that looks like s 12 minute one ;)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The ghost of Christmas Past

Yesterday I hang up the big star in the window, and slowly I will transform this flat to a winter wonderland.
This years theme is white and baby pink pastel Christmas (it's been decided since 2 years ago).
And for the first time ever I will not have a real Christmas tree *boohooo*
I will have a white fake pine tree instead. It will ruin the set a bit, but I'll have a real tree next year. Promise!

These cookies are just disgustingly pretty! I could never make anything this lovely!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Today's make up

I went for black and green today.
Pulled my usual stunts, then drew a few lines, added some dots (my perfectly round dots are made by H&M dipliner. The point is usually too hard when you buy it so I press it hard against a hard surface - like my heart, a few times to make it softer).

I then use a small amount of vaseline on a brush and paint on the place I want to add glitter to, then dip another brush to paint the glitter on. Of course you can use a primer instead but I think it dries too fast and won't hold as much glitter.

Monday, November 21, 2011

In the car

Just put on my lashes, but my love drives so bumpy I can't hold the camera steady.

If I look tired it's because I just had a little nap.: :)

Sleeping beauty

Hi, Ronny here. My cute wife fell into a deep, deep sleep in the car. She'll kill me later for posting this picture! Sorry, honey< 3

Today's make up.

I'm on my way to a business meeting about the blouse that never seems to go in production..the darn Adorable Heart Blouse.
It's been HELL to get the materials I need BUT if nothing else wants to bite me in my ass, it might actually go into production later this week! Dare I hope?

I did a power make up just to increase my chances! I will add my loooong Kryolan lashes before arrival, but since I'll be in a car the next 3 hours, probably asleep as well, there is no use having them on already.

My tummy is excited and I have waited a looong time for this.

Old picture of the day

The year of 2001 I very often "forgot" my dress when we were about to go out clubbing.
You know how it is, you pay too much attention to hair and make up, and all of a sudden everyone yells
"-It's time to go!!! The karaoke taxi's arrived!"
Then you just have to priority choose between clothes or quickly as hell get drunk (kids - remember, WHEN I drink I drink to get drunk, but the occations this happens is LESS than 5 times/year. So instead of drinking little every week, I just save it all up for a few big occations. You should not drink too often! Water is better for the brain.).
My priority always was the drinking part.
Clothes?! Who needs them!

I even was "dressed" like the first picture when I shook hands and talked to Martin Gore from Depeche Mode at one of their backstage partys, and accused him of stealing my dress!
He had a good laugh at that :)
Not many people can brag they had Martin Gore seeing them in their underwear - but I can :)
He was so nice (or that was perhaps only because I had black Linda Magic shoes and he was short so he had a clear view at my knockers!).

Saturday, November 19, 2011

TeeBee's hairstyle

I cut TeeBee's hair and the plan was to color leopard spots, but since  lack of time I had to spray paint it for this evenings party at my dad and extra mums house tonight. It's where I'm at now. Will arrive 30 minuters too late though....sorry...

Totally my fault since I attended half a hat course this morning and was bit late home .

Okay, so I'll just stay longer instead   ;)

I miss them so! They only live 1 hour away but still we don't get to meet that often    :(

Friday, November 18, 2011

Today's make up

I just did one side today, my brushes are starting to be so bad I can't make it at nice as I want to.

...or I'm just loosing touch....
I will make some candy now, and I hope to have the time to be able to finish a video I did in June or something... wanna be my assistant? I'd love to have like 50 cute alternative people moving in with me to help me out, and to make me laugh all days. WHY you people live so far away? Today I'm really missing all the people I know in Germany and London (You know who you are). I'd just make you cupcakes and we will do eachothers hair all day long -pure heaven!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blog problem

Many have alerted me there is a wrong message in Swedish coming up when you try to read my blog. I'm on it! It's my counter that have failed to count visitors the last 30 days. I have contacted them and hopefully it will be sorted out soon. :)

Today's make up

Went with poison eyebrows today.

They are so much faster to draw then the black ones that's got no room for errors when you are in a hurry.

The green ones (and other colors too for that matter ) is not so delicate, and if they go bit wrong you can always correct them. If you correct black ones you might end up with a unibraw.

I simply use a slim aquarelle brush, dip it in water and blend it in my Make Up Store green Cyber Shadow Extreme. This works with almost all shadows and blushes.

The color won't be as liquid as cake liner and CEL sealer together so it'd more difficult to paint swirls and stuff this way - but it can totally be done.

Tomorrow I'll do a Friday swirl make up using that technique so you'll see.

Hell - let's make this your BatBrat assignment! To use a color shadow as brow or painting on your face. Send links! Kisses

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Licked the plate. Yummy!

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Todays lunch

Yes, under ALL that vanilla sauce is a rhubarb pie, and in the glass is chocolate milk with supper cream on top.

Mmm, dessert or lunch?

Right answer is always dessert, right sister and Chelsea?

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Todays make up

At an info date about Starting my own business. I tried to do it Adora style...well a bit at least...

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Straaaaange things happened today.
I have a small plastic Count Dracula in a necklace, and he starts to play a "scary" song when you push him...well, last night he started playing without anyone being near him - in the middle of the night *ihhhh* - several times!!!
Okay, bit *thumbs up for the nice use of word* scary, but I could handle it.
But just now my talking beer opener (now it seems like I drink beer all of the time - I'm no beer person, but I use beer in food and baking bread sometimes *okay, we get it, you only drink beer when you HAVE to and nothing else is available*) started to talk!
"-Oh, YEAH!!! Time for a beer!" it says. Like 10 times in a row now...
Don't like this..
What's next? My battery operated things in my bed table going off by themselves? (I'm of course talking about the remote controls and alarm watches...)

Todays make up

I used a slightly bigger brush today since my thin brush is a total mess and I need to order a new one.

Since I use the Kryolan cake eye liner together with my Kryolan CEL sealer it is important what brush you have. Synthetic hairs can't carry as much water and color as real hair, and that makes it difficult to draw my swirls otherwise since the color won't last all the way.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

My Music Mondays: Front 242

*Synthare is the swedish term for an electro goth (I think that's the closest).
At the same time as Alphaville, Depeche Mode and Nitzer Ebb were trying their best to kill my Ferguson speakers there was another bidder for my ears love: Front 242.
Headhunter by Front 242
This cool Belgium band also came with a whole package, just likeNitzer Ebb and Depeche Mode they had a certain dress- and hair style.
Dressed in quasi-military attire and having some very graphic and odd band pictures, as well as a pacey live performance they stood out and was just what cool, fake-angry teen girls needed.
Me and my friends even came up with this (rediculous) dance rountine to the song Headhunter. As we were no professional dancers the routine was VERY simple and we danced it as a group (we were a gang of 8-14 girls that always hang out together) so we stood in a long line doing the moves simultaneously.
Still to this day I can't hear the song without taking a few of the moves!

I arranged a bus trip to them playing in Gothenburg when I was 16, 1989 (I think it was the 19'th of March?). I belive I managed to fill a bus with 64 people for that trip.
The fun/sad part was that several of the guys had cut their wonderful synth-hairdo just as Richard 23. If not misstken it was a kind of a mohawk, but 5 centimeters wide and 9 mm high.
I felt so sad that they had cut off that supercute synth-hair.

Classic swedish synth hairdo (apart from the sideburns).
And about 90% of the concert goers had "Front-outfits"; military thingies, 10 eye doc's, black body armour looking vests and linen. Not my favorite synth outfit, but totally okay.
Not that much make up either, so I prefered the Depeche Mode fans more since they had more arty hair and embraced the androgynous look of a New Romantic that has always been my kind of guy!

I love Front 242 so much that I even have their logo for one of the maxi singles "Tyranni for you" tattooed on my arm. I LOVE that tattoo!
Here is another very famous song by the lovely Front242:
No shuffle
And one of my favs:
Official version

Music Monday, I promise!

I have been a tired Adora lately and missed out on my duty's as a respectful blogger. I just put a needle in my hand to make me snap out of it - and hell, it might just have worked! I stood up straight, gazed to the sun and declared "never more". So, yes, there will be a Music Monday today! And also: today's make up.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Todays make up

Picture 1,

Even though I was going to an adventure bath today I see no reason not to have pretty make up, at least to begin with...and I figure since I wear so much make up it will only look like a normal Goth day of my life even if it smudges.

Picture 2

After beeing drenched by TeeBee like 45 times, got under the water several times and been splashed on 62 times the make up still were perfect! I'm in shock! Kryolan foundation and IsaDora powder really stood the test today!

And oh yeah -I have the Senior Goth body of the year as you can tell  :)

And the fiercest swim wear in the Goth history. Uhhm , perhaps not..

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm not Esther Williams!

Contrary to what my family seems to think I am not the reincarnation of swim art princess Esther W.

Okay,so I have probably seen all her movies but that doesn't make me wanna dip my toes in water below 30 degrees Celsius more often.

But once again the pale Goth of the family got voted down and is forced to put on a fake happy smile and travel by car 1 hour to go to a water park (Kaskad in Tingsryd) and laugh in pain as the make up slowly gets ruined and the fun breaks through my wall of cynicism and what a horror - I might just have fun for real!

I will never get my mopy goth respect back if anyone sees this.

Good thing I paint my eyebrows "angry", this way it will look as if I'm laughing with an evil grin. "-Mo ha ha haaa!

Friday, November 11, 2011

BatBrat transfered to CatBrat

TeeBee s final 5'the Birthday party is over. The 3d Halloween party he had!

I borrowed the kids catwoman mask and tried to do a Michelle.  We'll, she did it better, but I think I did it okay.

I have licked all of the cream of the cake and will now lick myself on my secret place (behind my ear). Mmmiauu...

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