Monday, September 24, 2012

My Music Monday's - Playlist 2012

As track number 3 I present Swedens proudest; Covenant!
The song is " We Stand Alone"
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This band is a bit extra special since my husband is part of them getting their first record deal.
2002 at Tinitus festival, Stockholm
1992 I made a song to one of my husbands bands (Voister Litz) music.
The song "I Dedicate" ended up on a compilation album called "Autumn Leaves" and on that record was also Covenant performing their song "Replicant". Their first song under the name Covenant.
2004 at Kino, Karlskrona
My husband arranged the release party for the record and invited the bands from the compilation we liked the most.
I remember when he called singer Eskil of Covenant and invited them. Eskil was very surprised and said 
"-But Covenat never played live and we don't have any other material!"

One of my best friends was good friends with Esbjörn from record label Memento Materia (who was asked by Ace of Base to sign them and he thought their music was crap and one year later they were huge! but I agree with him *sorry*) and I told her to invite him. He showed up and was all excited by Covenant live - as the rest of us! and signed them asap!
So Karlskrona was their first gig under the name Covenant.
And then of course I had them as my main act at the Vince Festival I arranged :) I'm a fan!!!

Covenant Official web site