Monday, August 3, 2015

Adora BatBrat new blog

Don't be too chocked, but I'm actually starting to blog again!
Please join me there my dear Goths, alternatives and happy and pretty people in general.<3 p="">

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I've eaten humans

Now you think I'm full of it - but I'm not!
I have eaten humans - several times.
Boiled, fried and smoked. My favorite is boiled.

My grandpa Harry was a hobby fisherman.
He told me several times about how in the old days when you wanted to get eal you threw a horse head in the water, next day you simply went there and picked up all the eals eating from the cadaver.

He told me the same thing occured once when he happened to find a dead fisherman in the sea - it was full of eals.
This made me like eating eals even more!
Since I've eaten a great deal of eals in my life I've been bound to have eaten one or two that feasted of a dead human.

I did tell this story to a friend that works as a cold-buffert manageress.
She didn't believe me.

Then she got quiet.

Then her face turned a bit green.
She looked at me and said:
-Uh, oh my God! Now as you say this I remember we had the biggest eals ever a couple of years ago, they were stupendous big and we all wondered why,...(her face turned even greener as she said) and it was right after the boat Estonia's accident!!! (where over 800 people drowned)
She looked as she was about to faint!

If you wanna eat humans I recommend boiled eal.
I have a great recipe somewhere...

Apparently I'm doing porn

Well, this is another story that I need to tell...when I've stopped laughing about it.

But this is also so annoying - apparently Blogspot/Blogger have decided I put up porn, sexy pictures, nudity and other "scary" things and sent me a mad mail. Whoot?!
So now I need to go throught ALL my posts and "clean up".
Gah! Are you kidding me???

Yeah, I posted a picture of a uni-boob - that's not porn, it's medical highlightning, two nude girls in a boat - that's not porn, it's art..

If I post pictures of actual sex I can understand, but please?!
This is SO american to Sweden we are not afraid of the human body :/
You know, we all have a nude body under all these clothes.

I'm changing this to an "adult blog" then, and hope I will be released of my horrible ways.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Goth models having fun

My pretty friend Cajsa Kurayami and I had our first (but not last) shoot together this weekend.
As usual I had trouble to be serious, but Cajsa on the other hand looked like a perfect doll on each and every picture!

As iI posted the pictures and linked them to her offical Facebook (link above) she went from 1100 followers to over 2600 in 2 days :)
I'm so happy many of you also finds her as pretty as I do!

Both me and Cajsa are into the Gothic lifestyle, with electro music as choice (Covenant, VNV Nation, Nitzer Ebb, Front 242....), black make up, bats, Jack Skellington and crosses. 

And just like me she's also UCG (UpperClass Goth); a kind of Goth who takes pride in her detailed make up arts, dress a bit stylish (at least we think so) and LOVES bling!
Rhinestones, tiaras, crowns, sequins, glitter, glitter, glitter :)
These are the pictures I've edited so far, but there are many more from this session that will be shown. We did good! I have many more funny pics to show. 
But the one above and beneath must be the funniest ones still!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wearing my sport outfit

The husband came home at lunch, checked out my outfit and said: "Are you going out sporting?" I showed him the print on my boobs and responded: "Yes, and my sport is boys. I play on elite level."

Then I stole his gold card and went out on a meeting with the "app people". Ta-daa, sort of!
With my shiny vinyl jacket going out. And those shoes I'm wearing are so cute!
Had a few moments in my couch before I went out grocery shopping.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I: have Instagram

Since I've chosen to live on the dark and mystique side of life, I also tend to be a bit of a reactionary.
Just so you'll understand to what extent here's an example:
I didn't get a mobile phone until October 2011.
And I only got it because I was on my way to London and needed to be able to blog from abroad!

Still to this day only about 10 people knows my phone number due to the simply fact I don't want to be reached all the time, and I kind of don't even know my own signal if it rings.
I find it very rare to be a life or death situation where people need to get hold of me in an instant. 
In fact, that's never happened to this day.

When I grew up in the 80's we had two stationary phones in my house. If one left one's home one made arrangements on when or where to be found/picked up. Easy as that.
When I left my house I was free. Out of control. Nowhere to be found.
That's why I often "forget" my phone at home, sound off or have it in another room nowadays.

Just how ungrateful can one be?

And oh, this is the worst; my husband even bought me a phone in 2009 as a surprise.
Am I the thankful kind?
I got so mad at him, said "-Did I say I wanted a phone? I've never asked for one, I don't want it!", and so I forced him to sell it back...

Though this sounds awful, you'll have to agree I'm no material girl!

Well, to the point. 
Since I'm such a reaktionary I didn't get Instagram until August 2013.
AND I only got it because I was forced to since many approached me about "my" Instagram.
Saying I answered questions like it was me, but strange, misspelled and using unusual language for being me.
It wasn't me.
So I had to get me an Instagram to stop this confusion.
MY Instagram is Adora_BatBrat, nothing else!

Todays make up was not ment to be seen

I figured I'd just be home sewing today, and lazy as I was I kind of scaled down the make up.
Always a mistake!

Soon I got a phonecall from the museum where my clothes been on exhibit asking me if I could come and help with the "demolition"? And so I jumped into my car and got it. I've missed my clothes!

I can admit here I felt a bit embarrassed letting people seeing me like this...

Worst part was probably the lipstick. It's the kids lipstick, and I've been dying to try it out, and since no one was supposed to see me today I figured it was a good day for a tryout.
I was clearly wrong.

The other picture is of me from Saturday, a look much more familiar and comfortable.

This was a weird day!

Friday, January 10, 2014

I: have an alter ego

This might sound weird, but Adora BatBrat's got an alter ego: the sneaky and afraid Adora Albino.

Adora ALBINO style

She's got silver hair, white brows and accentuated pink underneath the eyes and on cheeks.
She often wears ruby red rhinestones at the inner eye.

Her outfits are a bit more UCG than Adora BatBrat usually wears, more strict in a way. She also like graphic patterns in black and white, she kind of always wears black with white.
Far too much white Adora would say! Adora also finds her a bit nerdy. And is bit jealous of her looks too....but she'll never admit to it. Not even water torture could make her admit that!

Adora Albino is in constant fear of disappearing since she'll be killed if Adora colors the silvery hair to pink again. What a terror!

She'll probably come visit every once in a while :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I: used to look like Cicciolina

From when I was 18, to about 28, I had periods where I liked to look like Cicciolina.

Back then (apart from the porn-movie part) she was mostly famous for popping out her boobs every now and then, being in the Italian parlament and to me for being so incredible pretty as sweet on the inside (and we established that I, the cold hearted Goth, cares nothing about the inside usually).

I think I had kind of a girl-crush on her. To me she was the prettiest girl ever - and I was SO happy to discover I could pull her looks off.
To this day I still finds her VERY attractive, even at her current age (62).

I kind of wished people would pop out their boobs more often.

The 28 year me as my muse Cicciolina.
The amazing original: Cicciolina. That face!!!!
She always had such a wide smile - I have so tried to copy that!
She is art, and her style was/is totally her own. I think many young girls today are inspired by her hair-thingies without even knowing ;)
But I know!

Thank you, pretty Cicciolina for all the inspiration *big, red smile*

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I: Pose nude

"-It's just flesh.", is how I answered the question on national TV once when asked about posing nude on pictures in the 1990's.
A 1920's inspired shoot in year 2000. Me age 28. Fresh like a flower!

I had the fortune to grow up in the 1980's, an era when individualism was encouraged, when noone wore a top on their bikini going to the beach, when homosexuality never raised an eyebrow and self-fulfilling was considered a good thing.
(What the hell happened since then???)

Boobies on the beach
Back to the boobies on the beach. My fav.
It was so common not wearing a top to the bikini you never even thought about it being shameful or sexual. It was just a part on ones body. "It's just flesh."
There were breastfeeding mothers, grandmothers, teens like me, 20-year olds, 30-year olds, well; everyone.
I can never even remember seeing someone WITH a top on, that would have felt so weird.
We were shown not to be embarassed of our bodys or breast shapes. I've seen all shapes and it's so beautiful - the straightback proudness in how we loved our bodys, not just the breasts themselves.
(Again - What the hell happened since then???)

I have always loved my body, even though it's probably not considered the ultimate body - but for me it is. It's mine, and I love myself, I'd never be embarassed about something so common like a body - we all have bodys, we are all naked under our clothes.

It IS just flesh!

Monday, January 6, 2014

I: Shop at Christmas sales

I went out with an open mind and went home with a skinny wallet. 
For this years sales I had nothing speciaI I was on kill mode to get, I was just planning to stroll and perhaps find me something small...
Boy, did I strike out!
If one sees a mesh linen with the word RELAX written on it; as a "synthare" you must have it! Frankie goes to Hollywood was part of our upbringing in the 80's, and if Frankie says RELAX, one relaxes! 
Shopping always makes me smile, but bargains on sale makes me smile even bigger!
Everyone needs a par of panties with a see-through heart on the ass, right?
This fluffy dress is so sweet.

This dress is a bit ordinary, but I think it's ok.
The winner of my shopping must have been this skirt and the black sequin top because they made it to the New Years party.
What an honour!
A matching dot bra and panties on sale.
The furry bolero is not my usual wear - but it was so soft and it had heart blings on it!
This is both for me and the kids. It's so soft you can't even feel you are actually touching something!
The shorts were so ugly they were cool. Cajsa laughed her boobs off almost! Bought them anyway! And sequin panties - well, what can I say? I simply like pussy bling!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

25 years as the best girlfriend ever!

I've just finished dancing with my husband to this song. Why?
Here's the background story:

Robert Smith, The Cure
Yesterday I cut my henna red colored hair to some kind of bob just so I'd be able to mess it up and style it as Robert Smith at tonights disco. I even tried to do my make up like him tonight.
Me and my friends hang out in my room, a room with Depeche Mode, Boy George, Cindy Lauper, Doctor and the Medics, Fuzzbox, Nitzer Ebb and Front 242 posters all over.

We left for the disco far out in the woods; Eringsboda Brunn. There is 2 houses; one big for the normals and a smaller house for all the synthare (electro goths) and svartrockare (The Cure and Sisters of Mercy fans).
Us synthare kept ourselves to the left side of the room, the dj booth in the middle and the svartrockare to the right side. 
There usually came a dim, sweet scent from that side for some reason...

The small house didn't open until 21 so we were forced to wait in the big house (like a huge gym hall) with all the blond bimbos and rednecks.
Me and my friends silly danced to their stupid, so called, "hit" songs.
That's when I saw HIM!
THE him! 
I only saw him from a far but now I know what it looks like when angels appears. It's so wonderful you can't almost watch. 
In fear of loosing my eyesight I didn't dare to look at him too much.

I was done.
Packaged and delivered at his feet.
He must be mine!!!

Small house disco opened and seriously cute guy disappeared. Panic!
Found him! Some butt ugly girl went up to him and gave him a kind of cosy hug.
NATURALLY a boy as wonderfully, well übermensch, pretty have a girlfriend....
Oh, she walked away! Wihoo! She was far too ugly for him anyway.

We continued to look at eachother across the room for hours.
He was so stunning I couldn't talk or even dared to be close to him.
My friends were getting tired of me never making a move and said if I didn't take him they would. I felt the gas burner on my ass.
Where are the slow songs when you need one?

00:11 - finally a slow song!
My eyes scanned the dancefloor for the cute boy, and our eyes met as he did the same.
There was about 5 meters, filled with people, between us, when we both just reached out our arms and walked towards one another.
Without a sound we fell into eachothers arms and since then he had my heart.
The song the 16 year old me and the prettiest boy in the world danced to that evening was the same one we danced to today, 25 wonderful years later *love*

I love you R, the prettiest boy in the world.

From the first night, January 5, 1989

My best tips to have a long lasting relationship is to choose a partner you find so pretty you die a little everytime you look at him/her and whom you miss even when you are close together. 
Someone that makes you laugh every single day, sneakpeaks at you at partys and encourages all your crazy ideas so you actually think you can make it.

January 5, 1989, my life began as the best girlfriend ever.