Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Swedish electro scene

One thing: I really dislike people who think you can live on old qualifications! "-I used to be cool too, and had black nails and make up." Ok, so??? Do it now then and I'll respect it. I can understand people who doesn't do it everyday because of work, but what about clubnights?
The electro scene in Sweden is dying - and I can understand why.
Who want's to be a part of something where most active are older (like me), fat and stuck up to believe they are better then someone new to the electro scene just because they happened to be teens in the 80's?

I became part of the electro subculture because of its fashion, its amazing haircuts and the make up as well as the music. If Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode had looked like this sailorboy I would never had payed any attention. Kids needs people to look up to, to romanticise about, to be their rolemodels. I for sure, can't feel resembles to "ordinary" looking people. Dave sat my heart on fire, and by 1981 he had sweet make up and a nosepiercing.

To stop the Swedish electro scene from going straight to the grave we need to show the younger public we still are a part of this subculture. For GOD's sake - use the kohl kajal, not just talk about how cool you used to be when you used it. Being old is NOT about being stuck up and yawn. Where did the happiness and the creativity go? THAT my friends is why the Swedish electro scene is dying.... (Adora in a mood)

EUROVISION 2010 WINNER - GERMANY - Lena "Satellite"

Tonight I'm really happy for Germany's Lena who won Eurovision Song Contest. She was one of my fav's! Congratulation GERMANYYYY!!! My other fav's was Turkey and Ukraine.