Thursday, January 19, 2012

Old picture of the day

This was about 2001....that would make me 29 years at the time.
It's my first ever home made dreads! I was quite impressed by myself at the time I remember.
Just search for double ended dreads. I'm sure you will get lots of Kanekalon professional tutorials.
There are a thousand ways to make them. I want mine to be skinny and light and I do rarely attach them but use clips for easy removal.
I kind off do them the same way nowadays as well, but now I make double ended ones.

Kanekalon hair.

Take out a small amount of hair.

Fasten it on a hanger/door handle by the middle.

Start back combing (I use a lice comb) as you twirl one side of the double ended dread. Mess up, pull it straight, twirl, back comb..and so on.

When you are done you do the same to the other side of the double ended dread.

When you have made as many as you need it's time to do what we goths do best - self harm.

Put on a kettle of water in a tea pot (for controllable steam) and slowly move your dread through the steam as you twirl it. You will see it twirls itself and tightens up. You have to move at the same speed and range from the steam to make them even. Close for tight ones, and further away for fluffier.
(You will notice the self harm bit here because you always manage to burn yourself.)

When they are all done I usually seal them by dipping the ends in the boiling water.

Now you can braid them in or just fasten them with clips and put them up in dread falls.

Well, there are most certain better ways, but for me this always works since I hate having stuff attached to my hair.
I am NOT a pro at making or attaching dreads.
But I like to wear them :)

Today's look

I went for my darling Jack shirt today. My stabbed stockings and a pair of shorts. I felt so sporty! Like I'm a cheerleader perhaps?

And with a face like an angel ( who evidently fell into a bag of make up).