Thursday, April 19, 2012

Todays make up

You know the feeling when you just love your face - I had that today!I felt so Adora BatBrat <3
I'm quite happy about how I turned out today <3
The cute girls at daycare said I had my prettiest moment ever today. I even heard the word "princess".
They were most intrigued by my one green eye. How is that possible?! they said.

My own kids are never impressed.. -Mhm, so you have your lens on today *gasp*. What's for dinner?
Kind off like that. links:
*Love the earings, neck corset and Bat brooch? Neck corset: $25.00. Check PinkAbsinthe out! 
*Love the Bat necklace? £8.00. Check SyntheticDoll out!

Using alcoholics to teach the kids math

I like to imply math for the kids using our environment.
Yesterday we went by the place where our local drunks hangs out.

I asked: How many alcoholics are on every bench?
They answered unanimously: 1 on the first bench, then 3 on the next one, and one on the last.
Good, I said (since I've heard you should always give credits to kids).

How many alcoholics are there in total, and on how many benches?
- 5 alcoholics on 3 benches, they said.
Mummy Adora BatBrat could not be prouder of her little geniuses.

You should totally try this at home! I just couldn't stop laughing when I told my loved husband.
He thought it was cruel. Obviously he's got no sense of humor!

Crafting: sugar art

I used a chocolate mold for doing this sugar swan this Easter.
It turned out beautiful!
But old habits dies slow and I happened to break the neck while I tried to bite was such a long and inviting neck!
Had to "glue" it back (with sugar icing).

I think I will let the kids feast on it on Fairlight's birthday party for her classmates next week.
Their parents will be SO thankful for that kind gesture.
Shit, I still got that evil streak in me! Thank Goth for that!
I was a bit worried I've become nice.

Now I will paint the final coat on TeeBee's chair so I can put on the fabric until my darlings birthday (my pretty husband turnes 23 - or was it 43(?) the 21'st) on Saturday so the place doesn't look like a complete mess with half-done projects in every it most often does..
That will probably be on top of his wishlist when it comes to me...

There must be chaos before order

...and this is halfway through the tiding up...
But I did make a necklace!