Thursday, March 8, 2012

Goth eyebrows: IsAdora glossy eyeliner waterproof

After a full day of kissing, cuddling and so on the eyebrows still looked acceptable. Small cracks are starting to show and on one side a piece fell off so I had re -do it.
+ The color remained intact all day, with a super sharp black filled color. It's not sticky or smudgy.
- Small cracks are showing, but not so much.

As a eyeliner it works 10p, and as eyebrows goes; i have to give 9 it points. I love that super black.

Goth eyebrows

Not done! Be carefully not to burn your eyes out, because there are no make up on eyes...

I usually paint my brows using my Kryolan cake liner and CEL sealer for delicate work such as eyebrows.

But today I decided to step out of my comfort zone and be devilish crazy and try something else. Well tested since before, yes, but in a completely new area.

I will not lie. My hands shaked as I dipped my thin aquarelle brush into the little container and then spread the glossy IsAdora( I know it's called IsaDora, but I like IsAdora better) over my forhead where my "eyebrows" are located.
Judgement on IsAdora glossy eyeliner waterproof so far:
+ looove the very black and glossy line it left. Quite easy to paint on, but I expect more from my eyeliners. But, again, it looks super sharp because of it's very black, glossy color.
- can't paint super thin lines and the color isn't flowing enough to sweep the line on, I must paint slow in order for the color to get a grip. I hate slow..
It feels like it might crack during the day, but it can prove me wrong.