Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2 days -12 409 viewers!

I'm totally chocked, but 12 409 lovely people have already watched my new video on - in only 2 days! And the cute thing is that almost everyone have shared their stories about their pets lost. I really get comfort in their stories. I read them all! There are lots of sweet people out there <3

Nail me

Looking down on my AWFUL, AWFUL haggardly purple nailpolish I tell myself I need to shape up!
Before the kids I re-painted my nails every third day, always looking good. But now? Oh, holy mother, I'm embarassed! I paint them at the most once a week. And I do have the 45 second-to-dry I can't put the blame on the time.
"-No, sorry, my day is over now. 45 seconds is something I don't have."

But this week Bàrbara Valls Garcia send me a tip on this cool device. I feel like I've lived under a rock for not knowing - I guess everyone is doing this but me!(?)

Now I must go out and find me this fantastic device so I can have the coolest bad-ass nails there is!
And to think I have just hand painted my hearts and crosses before. Mo-ha ha ha, the world is at my feet now! I will be a God as soon as I can get my hands on that thing ;)
Here's some inspiration:
and to get a good laugh. I adore theese little monsters - so inventive!
Can we all make a deal - and paint nice crosses until Friday? That will kick my ass out of the waggon!