Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekly style: Morticia

I tried my best at the Morticia-look.
I, myself, is not so happy about wearing that little amount of make up, but the clothing style I really love!

BUT - remember, you don't have to do the style exactly like her, you can make it your own version.
I love lace and also I think that a corset it hot to wear to the style. I still think you can see who I'm aiming to look like?

Next week we will continue a bit more on the "old" goth style (as it were here in Sweden in the 80's).

Weekly style: Morticia: CLOTHES

Morticia, with that tiny, tiny body wears a tight, fullblack dress with elf sleeves and octupus arms at the bottom. Of cause that's not so practical for every day, but the general idea is slim and long clothing.
long black skirt; tight on top and wider at the bottom
shirt with long arms that shows some cleavage
(if you want: add a black corset)
a nice necklace
a black (or many) gothic ring(s)

If you don't have any elf sleeves on your shirt you can just tie long black ribbons around your wrist to make it a bit more interesting.

Theese pictures I borrowed from the webshop

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturdays means re-coloring my hair.

Now I use Directions "Violet" and mix it with conditioner to get the pale purple I like. I let it set for only 15 minutes, that's enough since I do it every week. BUT - the Directions colors get sun bleached! So I start out the week a bit too purple, by Wednesday it's perfect and by Saturday it's too pale.

I've left my left side out and use the Directions "Silver" there every 3'rd week, so I'm white underneath on that side. Don't know why yet, but I thought it was a good idea...?
The blue was more difficult, it needed 30 minutes to stick to my hair.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday dinner

I'm currently making the red wine sauce for tonights dinner. Now it's reducing. My flat smells like a wino!
(Google "wino" and you will just find Amy Winehouse)

Here's the menu:
Appetizer: tomatosoup spiced with garlic and fresh basil
Main Course: black pepper steak with garlic butter, red wine sauce, oven baked vegetables (broccoli, onion, paprika, muschroom), fresh salad
(so far it's an ok Montignac dinner (the diet I follow).)
Dessert: Friday's we always have icecream for the kids. We might take an irish coffee instead.

Weekly style: Morticia: GOSSIP

She gave herself a glamour girl perfect nose. See the before and after pictures. And I thought she had that cute as a button nose herself ;(


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yesterday TeeBee's Jack Skellington ear cushion (is it right?) dropped into our postbox! He got so happy!
I bought it at for 129 SEK with freight ($16,3), the swedish e-bay, so unfortunally I can't tell you where you can buy them.
Thank's for the etsy-tip! I've had my eyes on it for a while, but I wanted my own webshop. But now, since it doesn't work I should perhaps try that for the time beeing. I always thought they wanted to many percent of my profit...but perhaps they are ok? I will definitly check it out again. Thanks <3

Weekly style: Morticia: LIPS

As the show is in black and white, one might still recognice Morticia is wearing a more pale red, perhaps a tiny bit towards the orange, because this was the fashion at the time. I believe so since the lips are not that dark. You might also see the same in her nails.

I myself prefer a more red going towards cerise. For this style I recommend the same color as Elizabeth Arden's Cranberry Cream 02.
I do NOT recommend Elizabeth Arden itself - it's overprized and make my lips dry. But this color is perfect for my skintone. Buy a cheap and good one instead. I bought mine on sale - otherwise I'd nerver would have bought it.

As lipliner I recommend Maybelline 54 Bordeaux. This is a perfect liner to the color in the Arden lipstick. Cheap too.

I just applyed a sommer job at the Systembolaget (the only place in Sweden where we can buy alcohol - they don't trust the swedish people enough to have alcohol in ordinary stores). I'd love to work there! And I live on top of the store as well :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My blog's been psycho on me all morning - finally I can write!

Today I've been cutting and sewing all morning, then I had to take a nap (I'm still sick). I'm making more BatBrat CatHat's.

The webshop is still unable, but I can make stuff anyway. Worst scenario is that I have to sell them via Facebook or something until shop is ready.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

For Saturday we will nail this style, ok?
So far I've covered the hair and the brows.
Tomorrow I'll continue the work on how to nail Morticias perfect goth look.

Now, since I'm sick I'm gonna hit the bed real soon... Before 22!!!
Adora is out for some grocery shopping!

Weekly style: Morticia: EYEBROWS

As you might know I'm a big spokesman for goth not having eyebrows. I myself wax mine of with Veet (but since I'm fond of cheap things I use the one for legs and cut it myself instead of using the one for face).

BUT - the Morticia style is one style those of you who don't want to/or can't be wierd enough to have no brows easy can tap into. Perhaps your parents do not agree with your personal freedom or you need to look "normal" in the weeks because of your work. (We without brows can just paint them in Morticia-style).

Her brows is very typical for her time - wide apart, semi-thick and with a very nice pointy shape. A make up now more known as the Dita von Tease make up. You can clearly see the similaritys.
But then again - Dita used to be a goth girl long before meeting Marilyn...
Busy morning! Woke up, still sore throat, green snot and a headache worthy a king.
It's winter sports holiday so today I have ALL 3 kids at home - not the best combo with a massive headache....
Been a good mother and played with moonsand together with them, and now we just baked the dough to new "semle-buns" so we can eat semlor tonight. It takes FOREVER to bake. Now it will yeast for 90 minutes. Hope I have time to do my make up inbetween the fights and the constant: "mummy, mummy, look at this/see me now/TeeBee pushed me/what are you doing/when will dad be home...and so on in an endless warp.

Monday, February 22, 2010

The Police business #5

This is the latest news in the Greta-story.
As you know my husband went back to our flat.
Next day the police called me to let us know what happened after R<3 left.

Policeman talked to Greta about her meeting R<3 and she didn't find him so intimidating any more...but after a few minutes she said:
"-We must talk quieter, he's in there listening now." The police told me he had to straighten her up and said it was all in her head, and she just won't listen to reason!
"Unfortunally, I'm guessing this is not the last we'll hear from Greta, he said, but now we know she do not have all the horses in her stable."
And then our 2 black plastic sledges were stolen.......

Funny thing: about 2 minutes after R<3 left someone drilled in the house, so now she probaly think we drilled new holes after "we had to put the other ones together" so the police wouldn't find them. Hahaha

Weekly style: Morticia Addams: HAIR

The hair is to be long and shiny. Preferably black (but any color will do).If you don't have naturally long hair - buy some real hair on a weft with clip on's. About 18" is perfect. (put in as usual).
Part hair in the middle, use an iron flattner serum.
I use Schwatzkopf Flatliner.
Then straighten it with a plier.
To get it really shiny I use a coat of Goldwell Diamond Gloss.
Depending on what year of Addams you're looking at she's got slightly curved hair framing the face or have a more straight hair. I prefer the straight. Spray it lightly around the face with a soft spray to keep it in place (L'Oréal or Wella Hairspray nr 3 in Hold). Done!

Weekly style: Morticia Addams

For me, the goth style started with Morticia Addams (Carolyn Jones), she have the classy as well as classic original goth style (according to me).
The Addams Family was shown when I was 8 years, and I so wanted to look like this incredible lady.

Some facts (From Wikipedia)
"The character originated in the Charles Addams cartoons for The New Yorker magazine in the 1930s. In the cartoons, none of the family members had names. When the characters were adapted to the 1964 television series, Charles Addams gave her the name "Morticia", implying "death" (derived from "mors mortis", the Latin word for "death", and perhaps also from "mortician")."
I will talk Morticia all week.
Make up tips, hair and clothing. This is the most beautiful goth style, and also very easy to achieve.

The Police business #4

After the policeman had been in our apartment, he made a suggenstion that perhaps my husband could come in and talk to her. She agreed. It was now Greta, Greta's grandchild (age 40+), R<3 and the police.

Police asked Greta what she had against my husband. She said because he was listening to her and that we don't say "hi" in the hallway!
I can't even remember even seeing her but 2 times, and then only her back as she rushed to her door and locked it. Easy to say hi then!? Should I get after her, ring her door and then say hi?
We always says hi to the people we meet in the house, and I like talking to the elderly.

Police also told Greta we have 3 kids - "How do you think he finds time to listen to you, or how can he even hear anything with 3 kids?". Haha, I wonder that to!!!

She asked R<3 many times why he listens to her, she can't just let it go. The police had to tell her off.
R<3 went back in to our flat.

There will be more...

Did Greta steel them?

Yesterday we went out to play with the kids in the 50 cm snow. When we were to get the plastic sledges (black, of cause) that stood outside our door - they were gone, and nowhere to find! My kids got so sad...

Now I'm getting as crazy as Greta next door and think it's perhaps SHE who stole them and are holding them hostage. Most likely it's evil teens, but I can't help thinking....
It's a very wierd coincidense. Should I report her to the police ;)

What do you think? Is it Greta?

I made this snowman to release my anger.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Police business #3

Tuesday 18'th February at 15.30.
I was out to get the kids from school and daycare when the police made a housecall.
My husband, home early because he was sick, opened the door. The policeman said he's been to Greta's and promised her to look in our apartment to see if there was any bugging gear in here. Of cause there wasn't, and he did not believe he would ever find any, but he made a promise. He got back to Greta, told her he didn't find any. "They have of cause hidden it", she said.

The police asked if it was anything to do with the way we looked? But she thought we looked like everyone else (?!). AND - the one she thought bugged her was my husband! She's gotten to her head he was at home all day just to listen to her (note: he works Mo-Fri as a test manager). I'm guessing the policeman had trouble not to laugh at her face..
"-Why would he have any interest to listen to a 94 year old woman?" police said.
"-Yes, I was wondering the same thing?!" she replied.
"-There must be at least 25 000 more interesting people he'd rather listen to, don't you think?"
"-I why is he listening to me?"

There will be more.. this Greta-story is far from over...
Been away to my best friends sons birthday party - he turned 6 and got a shirt with Darth Vader and a cool book about all kinds of robots from us :)
We got a very nice sticky brownie with whipped cream in return *me like*

ODIUM is having a sale!

My model friend Sanna who owns ODIUM have a sale!
ODIUM's sale
I bought a pair of 10 eye Pole Climber. A few days ago I took them for a spin.

The Police business #2

At first I thought Greta's fantacy about us bugging her flat hilarious...but then I got scared. What if this maniac, instead of killing herself, all off a sudden did a 180 and wanted to kill us!!!
I could just imagine a "Psycho" moment where she jumped out from behind her door with a knife and stabbed me and the kids - WHAAAA!!!

WHY on earth should I want to listen to her? To hear her cuckoo clock saying tic tok? Now I'm actually intrigued - perhaps I should bug her flat?

The Police business

Thursday 18'th February I got a call from the police at 10 am.

A very nice police officer told me that the lady next door, 94 (!!!) year old (lets call her-) Greta, had lost her marbles and reported us to the police because she's gone delusional and gotten the idea that me and my husband is bugging her flat and tapping her phone and mobilephone!?

The police was very nice to me and said he understand this is an unhappy situation for us. He told that Greta got this idea after there had been some drilling in the building a year ago, and was sure we drilled a hole to her apartment to bug her. She's been so afraid that she no longer have a phone, and when she is to talk in her mobile she takes the elevator to the garage. She's gotten so afraid lately that she is thinking about killing herself because she's so distressed about this.
I told him he was welcome to our flat to check our walls together with Greta if she wanted.
But people who's gotten this idea often just think I've had the time to "hide" the holes... I just can't win!

Tomorrow I will write the follow up...