Saturday, June 4, 2011

Building IKEA things

I always start every Friday by switching my regular water glass to my party, heart water glass, just to get that luxurious feeling :) I think all should have a Friday glass, it makes the Friday's so much more fun!
If you do not have one already - go out and buy yourself a Friday glass, somthing that will make you feel a bit special every Friday :)
 So, how do I spend a Friday like this?
Well, I was at the playground with the kids, later I decorated my balcony a bit and then I started to build the BILLY bookshelf we bought. I think it will turn out nice. When the door is on I might be able to use it as a coffin to sleep in.
As my night turnes to day I will wake up in my coffin and will continue to make our livingroom a better place for crafting.
I choose the ABSTRACT door (although they are not compatibel, so there will be some drilling involved) just because it's a high gloss surface and will be so much easier to whipe off blood from, aftter my "crafting".