Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekly style: Morticia

I tried my best at the Morticia-look.
I, myself, is not so happy about wearing that little amount of make up, but the clothing style I really love!

BUT - remember, you don't have to do the style exactly like her, you can make it your own version.
I love lace and also I think that a corset it hot to wear to the style. I still think you can see who I'm aiming to look like?

Next week we will continue a bit more on the "old" goth style (as it were here in Sweden in the 80's).

Weekly style: Morticia: CLOTHES

Morticia, with that tiny, tiny body wears a tight, fullblack dress with elf sleeves and octupus arms at the bottom. Of cause that's not so practical for every day, but the general idea is slim and long clothing.
long black skirt; tight on top and wider at the bottom
shirt with long arms that shows some cleavage
(if you want: add a black corset)
a nice necklace
a black (or many) gothic ring(s)

If you don't have any elf sleeves on your shirt you can just tie long black ribbons around your wrist to make it a bit more interesting.

Theese pictures I borrowed from the webshop