Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I need those!

I've been looking for some cute 14-eye boots with a heavy, flat plateu, and I think I just found my next shoe for the goth collection hanging around just inside my door ready to kick any old fart wearing no make up. Problem is I don't know what brand this is. Anybody?
For me to stomp around in
They will look great with this make up
Hmmm, maybe not.. This is by far too little make up for me. I still think I look really pretty like this, but holy macaony, I look almost "normal". I went for a sweet 1920's look for this picture, and I think I pulled it off, but in real life I seldom wear it like this. Perhaps if I have extremely lack of time then...
I was pregnant at the time, so perhaps inbetween the hurls this was all I could manage ;)
Picture by Paul Quant 2006