Saturday, November 12, 2011

I'm not Esther Williams!

Contrary to what my family seems to think I am not the reincarnation of swim art princess Esther W.

Okay,so I have probably seen all her movies but that doesn't make me wanna dip my toes in water below 30 degrees Celsius more often.

But once again the pale Goth of the family got voted down and is forced to put on a fake happy smile and travel by car 1 hour to go to a water park (Kaskad in Tingsryd) and laugh in pain as the make up slowly gets ruined and the fun breaks through my wall of cynicism and what a horror - I might just have fun for real!

I will never get my mopy goth respect back if anyone sees this.

Good thing I paint my eyebrows "angry", this way it will look as if I'm laughing with an evil grin. "-Mo ha ha haaa!