Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Todays outfit

This was how I looked at todays business meeting
A lot better than that lame make up I had on yesterday. Felt a lot more like me today. Only my nosechain missing - and why I didn't wear it? It's winter here, and to add cold metal against your cheek is not what you wanna do then.
Porsche joined me on the pic

Synthia and me

I had a business meeting today with people who know lots about the import business that will be part of my webshop. It was a very good meeting, and I feel even happier than to begin with. My rate is now up to 143 percent!
This is when I just fetched Synthia from school.
Then Fairlight wanted to bake strawberry cupcakes for afternoon break. They were very yummy!

Todays outfit

We had a parental meeting tonight, and this is how I looked:
I know, I know...too little make up and a booring hairstyle.
Perhaps 4 times a year I wear this little make up. But isn't it true; when you are used to be wearing lots of make up and always looks your best every single day, you always have one day when you are not the best you and that is always the day you end up meeting lots of cool people/the hottest boy/your enemy. It's so typical! And then you feel ashamed because then they might think you always look this shabby..
At least I had a fantastic bang-day! Wow, it looks amazing!
And yes, I used shine spray on it.
I was in luck and managed not to meet cool people/hot boy (set aside my husband)/enemy...but I can assure you I felt ashamed all day long. I better make it up by looking more "me" tomorrow.