Saturday, March 17, 2012

Now I'm sick as well!

Since Synthia got the "Winter puke disease", as it's called in Sweden, I have just counted the seconds until it's my time. It's unbelivable contagious and I have shared bed with her sinceFriday.
An accident about to happen you might say...
Worst part is I'm stuck in my bedroom with her and she's only watching annoying kids TV all the time.
I try to sleep as much as possible and she's kind enough to to wake me up for "Vampireshool" and "Phineas and Ferb".

Fairlight to a party

The fashionable Fairlight is on her way to celebrate her classmate E.
I know I'm partial since I'm the mom but I think she is so cool!

Todays Goth look and make up

Bad thing!
Synthia started puking the night until Friday and been home sleeping all day.
Panic always result in having my hair up, like some old teacher.

And now; ready for my close ups?

And this picture happened to be so cute <3

Shopping for future crafting

I just love going shopping at second hand stores.
The Red Cross in my town always provides me with fab things to be used in crafting to come! love them!