Saturday, July 14, 2012

Noxhyde photo shoot

Foto shoot done, now I'll go shop some jewelry :)
70% off is my language!

Make up in progress

Now I'm almost there but I'm gonna take a break to do my mental training and then eat something before it's shoot time.
I hope Noxhyde will be pleased by the pictures :)

Make up in process

I'm doing a shoot for Noxhyde today, with the lovely cat ears from the designer.
The weather is perfect. Just crossing my fingers it won't start raining before I'm done prepping myself for the shoot.
This is the work in progress....

Adora App

Try not to faint now - but for about a week I've had a NEW goth make up tutorial uploaded at my youtube account, but not published yet!

I'm trying to make an App to go with this video, and tomorrow it seems I will have it done and will be able to publish the goth make up tutorial as well.
Here is the App icon:
The thing with the video is you will almost see Adora without make up!
I will have to kill you after you've watched it of course, so it's up to you too decide if it's worth it.
Don't say I didn't warn you!