Monday, March 7, 2011

Complimentary art

This is the first time I've ever seen anyone make one of these of  <3me<3
It made my heart melt, so incredible sweet! AND, I will place an order for those coffin earrings. They are brutal, and totally me!
See original by Laervarium here to see each object

I'm mad!

Another day with the puke playing ping pong with my uvula.

At one point or another when you are sick you start to get really angry with the virus. I've had no make up on since Thursday. I'm so mad I could explode right now! Leave me the hell alone!!! Or as the beautiful swedish Greta Garbo would have said with her cool, dark voice in a slow matter "-I waaan't to be alooooone" (although sources says she never said that at all..).
At least I'm still putting in as much vitamines and minerals as I can even if I can't eat much. But some broccoli, meat and crisp bread made it down to my bowels. I could hear my tummy yelling at them all the way down to my ass. It was under a LOT of protest it made the whole way down there without Mr Stomach throwing them out. But the puke is never far away *burp*

But since I'm having the energy to be mad I must be on my way to recovery - whihoooo!!!