Thursday, April 15, 2010

Montignac diet

Ahh, being back in Phase 1 of the Montignac diet is causing me headache, making me feel weak and dead tired. It's time to get the M'era Luna body of the year!

Montignac breakfast tips:
20 minutes before breakfast eat 1/4 - 1/2 apple/pear.
Do at least 40 situps while waiting ;)
1. Bread without any wheat flour or sweetening (hard bread or dark with fibres), cream cheese, ham and tomatoe (as many as you like to feel full). Drink 3 decilitres of water or weak tea.
2. Scrambled eggs and bacon (nothing else). Water or weak tea.
3. Porridge of extra fibre oatmeal, berries such as: blueberry/strawberry/raspberry or other berry - Burberry ;) ? serve with diluted milk and drink water/weak tea.

I got a new fanart yesterday, by Riley Shortt. Hihi. Cool!

Here's one I made of myself a couple of years ago :) Riley's is so much better!