Thursday, May 24, 2012

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Healthy, skinny body 3: Bad things with being skinny

Being skinny isn't always a dance on roses.
It also causes pain!

I will tell you 10 "problems" with having too little subcutaneous fat.
  1. I can't lay on my belly on a floor because my hipbones pokes out so much that I balance on them and that hurts.
  2. When I sleep on the side I need a pillow inbetween my legs because my knees are so bony it feels like they will rasp on themselves.
  3. When I sit on a chair I sit directly on my ass-bones (just some skin between). It sometimes causes bruising..
  4. I can't sit on my husbands lap because of this, he complains about my "ass-bones".
  5. When it is cold I freeze straight to the bones. I'm very sensative to being cold.
  6.  As a kid I constantly had a red, ice cold nose - like Rudolph because I was always freezing.
  7.  As a kid I always had BIG bruises on the inside of my knees because my legs looked like bird legs where the knee is like a bulb in the middle och they constantly got knocked by eachother. Now I've learned to walk with my legs further apart.
  8. When it's hot I get extremely hot, and almost can't cope. The subcutaneous fat protects against both cold and heat, so I'm rarely pleased ;)
  9.  My hands have looked like a 60 years old woman since my teens.
  10. I tear apart clothes from the inside out ;)