Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Todays make up

I went for red eyebrows today.
I use whatever eye shadow and add water and then paint it on with a squirrel hair brush to make exact lines.
Kryolan Dry Rouge Art 55191

My living room - black and white

Sweden is a dark country most of the time.
Perfect for vampires, but I'm like most swedes in general - I need light!!! We are known for having boring white flats, and I'm no exeption.
I hate colors around me (even black), it messes with my mind, and I think if I live in happy colors I will become a common person. What a horror!!! Commoners!
Most of the time I just have white curtains, but since my family likes colors I agree to change them to different colors - but only for a few weeks at the time. I already hate the black and white...
The flat is nowhere near how I'd like it to look, but for now this will do.
I'm constatly lobbying my husband for a white floor and other stuff. But I realize, when you have 3 gremlins making holes and painting where mum wants no paint, this will be when hell freezes over. And according to what Mr Devil said today it aint gonna happen the next years.
Welcome for some canapes