Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lure them in with cupcakes

Today I had 5 kids at home. Under false pretences I lured them in with cupcakes (well, the two extra kids came with their mother).
Here's the cupcakes; sticky brownie cupcake with nougat frosting, strawberry jam cookies and lemon cupcakes with frosting 
My plate. I got stuck with the ghost marengue cupcake *mohaha ha*
I had 5 kids running wild here. That's good, it get's their blood pumping so it's easier to drink their blood. And after they have gotten a good sugar-rush I had a killing frenzy ending up to my next blog post.....

I'm the stylist of this video

Miranda X, the sweet 16 year old daughter of my good friend made a video for her song (be awere, it's not electro or goth). I helped with the styling. All the clothes she's wearing are my own (bra excluded). You can even spot my own designs as the Adorable Heart blouse and my Lovely Lace long skirt in a few of the clips <3

My fang is back and ready for action

I usually stay in all day as the light shy creature I am. But today I had an urgent agenda - my precious right fang has been broken and I had to fix it since my tummy was screaming for food.
I was in luck today - no sun was up and I could easily take a stroll to Mr V, my dentist.
Lipstick: Kryolan LP 630
He was working with the fang for quite a bit, he even was nice enough to ask how sharp I wanted it. As sharp as it goes, of course!
He made it look fantastic, as if it never been broken.
(For nerds: He didn't remove the whole shebang, he just rebuilt the part that was missing)
I really, really like the sweet curve he gave it, like a little hook. I can feel my fangs itching right now! Time for a midnight snack perhaps ;)