Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Design help

If I was about to design a little top, a bit similar to this:
Would you prefer it with Lace 1:
Lace 2
Lace 3
or Lace 4?
The garnment is supposed to be comfortable enough to be worn under a corset as well as by itself. Thank you for your help <3

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Me and singer Claus of Leæther Strip this last weekend :) The concert was SO great! I just loooove the song "Evil Speaks"! Thank's Claus <3
And btw - he had the WWF panda tattooed on his right lower arm. Cute!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Montignac Diet

As I'm sitting here eating brie, blue cheeze and finn crisp I came to think about the "safe" evening snacks at Phase 1.

What you always needs to have at home while in the first phase is >70% chocolate. Since you cut out all the sugar and sweetening you 'll need something if you get a craving - just a small piece though...

At evenings if I'm in the mood for something to eat, more luxurious, here's some tips:
* different cheese (brie, white/blue cheese) and finn crisp (or other fiber cracker with no sweetening)
* whipped cream, fresh berrys (straw-, rasp-, blue-berries) perhaps with some >70% chocolate splinter
* sliced apple with cinnamon in the micro until warm and mushy, served with lightly whipped cream and chopped almonds
* fruit salad (apple, pear, orange), whipped cream
* a handfull of nuts

This weeks party

Me and my sisters cute boyfriend Mattias have the same kind of handbag! Isn't that just too cute!

It was at the Leather Strip concert in Karlshamn.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Guess I'm awake now, after yesterdays fabulous concert with Leather Strip! It was so good!

The only bad thing was that the guests didn't try hard enough with their looks. Well, there was no butt ugliness, still some stylish boys wearing the classic black shirt with tie; some red, some white, some striped in And One colors, some black. That was nice indeed - BUT - I'd like some more impressing hairdo's and MORE make up on the boys. Only a handful had found their black eyepencil I'm sad to say.

The girls did much better; I saw lashes, dreads, corsets and cool footwear...but as you know I'm never fully happy until people go ALL the way and dares to try-to-hard! But there were some very cute girls there :*
I intended to tell them, but I didn't find the time as I was in some fashinating dialogues. But if you might read this - you were really pretty <3

I will post pictures later, but now I'm gonna shape up, put on a übercool make up (yeah, right - as if I can be THAT cool) and meet up with friend Jennifer to go over the exhibit I'm the project leader of. She is a glass artist who will have her work shown. She is one cool girl I tell you!

Here's me and Jennifer at Depeche Mode 2001.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Leather Strip tonight!

It's 16:20 and I will go to a concert with Leather Strip later! Wohoooo.
Just a small panik - I only have my foundation and rouge on, and it's less then 3 hours until we leave! Where's my brown paper bag?!

Right now I will make dinner - tonights special is fillet of beef served with home marinated tomatoes and a green salad. The kids will also have a potatoe gratin with garlic. I will of cause have red wine to the meat, and after it's "för-fest" (pre-party) while I do my make up. I will not, I reperat - NOT, be sober tonight.

Hopefully I will have some okay pictures to show...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Why the hell don't they do this one for girls? We don't just wanna look like fluffy and romantic. I would buy this..

This can be bought at X-tra-x (Germany) for €79. They deliver all over the world. BUT - they have looooong waiting time...

And I also think this is a perfect Adora wallet! Spiderweb - yeah! But I'm very perticular about the inside of the wallet, it needs to have place for many pictures, so that's why I have a plain vinyl right now... €8 on X-tra-x.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vince Festival

I can now verify that Covenant will be the main act at my Vince Festival.

Other bands to play is: Mergel Kratzer, Colony 5, Voister Litz and me and my sisters newly started band: Asperger Synthdrome.

Just got off the phone with Eskil (singer of Covenant) and I'm so looking foward to their concert!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Montignac diet

I eat according to his first book (not sure about it's english name, but the swedish could be translated to "I eat - therefore I get thin").

There is a Phase 1 - the weightloss phase, and Phase 2 - the stabile phase.

At Phase 1 (and always) you should start every meal with about ½ an apple/pear or some berries. Why? To prevent the blood sugar fall you get after a dinner when your body concentrates on to take care of the new food. This causes you to want some sugar since your body starts feeling slow. By adding a bit of a sugar-rush in advance, you won't get that craving.

Then the big nono's is: potatoes, white rice and pasta, couscous, boiled carrots, corn, grapes, water melon, everything containing wheat flour, NO sugar OR sweetener (candy, soda, juice, cakes, bread, honey, glucose....), no alcohol, no light products, coffee/tea, nothing with carbohydrate over 50 (or 30 dependig on how hard you want to go). I usually go by 30, because I'm done with it quicker and can get back to eating those cream sauces I like in Phase 2 :)

And as I said, no counting. If you want to eat 11 beef steakes with broccoli - go for it. The point is to eat until you feel full.

I keep the fat level down in Phase 1, so a normal dinner can be homemade beef, tomatosauce made from ovenbaked tomatoes with red paprika and red onions with a pinch of garlic and fresh basil that's been mixed to a sauce, served with boiled broccoli and mixed fresh salad (if in Phase 2 I add a dijon cream sause).

According to Mr. Montignac lunch should be the days fattest meal. So an omelette with tomatoes, spring onion, muschrooms and cheese is a good lunch.

Important: your brain needs fat, so by eating "no" fat in Phase 1 that's not really true. Meat contains fat, and you can eat plain cream or creme fraiche sauce if you want. As long as you don't mix fat with carbohydrates you're fine.

I eat fat and fibres (you can also eat fibres and carbohydrates - but absolutley NO fat (meat, cream) to that).

I'll write down what you can eat if you want something for an evening snack tomorrow!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Montignac diet

Many people reacted about my Montignac diet.
To tell off the ones saying I'm anorexic - let me explaine:
Many years ago I ate lots of crisps and a bit too much sugar (like in pie/tarts/desserts. Never been a big fan of candy or ice cream), but still homely cooking.

By cutting out the sugar and most of the fast carbohydrates you get headache and feel tired - it's an abstinence result from my body wanting the drug: sugar (also carbohydrates transforms to glucose/blood sugar).

I then developed a painfun gastric catarrh, and was advised to change diet since I ate too much fat.

I started the Montignac diet about 10 years ago and it solved my problem and still let me eat as much as I like without causing me tummy problems. Around friends I'm known to eat humungous amounts of food (but I also poo a lot)! I know it's hard to believe, but according to studies fat people tend to eat less then 3 meals a day - I eat 6.

1. Montignac diet is a lifestyle, not a crash diet.
2. I hate complicated diets. Now I change the potatoes for broccoli and that's it.
3. By eating 6 times a day I never get hungry to the point I'd eat anything in reach.

I have been eating "non-Montignac" - a bit too much cookies and crisps lately (the easter holiday...), so I have not only gained a little weight (about 1½ kilo) but also my gastric problems are occurring again. And instead of eating medine I change my way of eating to a better way. Well, I have to start off by eating a few tabletts to help little tummy get started. Changing diet is to decrease, instead of increase, the gastric problem.

Situps is a must for me since I suffer from backproblems as most tall people, and that my pregnancys killed what was left of it. 100 a day, a few back work outs and a movement to lift the butt (THIS is only for looks - I AM 37 you know....)

I hope "Anonoymous" gets a better picture of me now.
But sure - I like to LOOK anorexic, but being is not healthy - so yes, I hope people who likes to be skinny takes after me and eat healthy, lots and still gets skinny. I think that is a much better idea then to eat orange-jucie dipped cotton to swallow, to make your tummy feel full so you can stop the hunger, as I know many high fashion models do. What those stupid girls don't know is that you have to surgically remove the cotton later. My broccoli, meat and cream sauce goes out the normal way.

I will explain more about the Montignac diet later.
But I like when people are critic and not just accepting, so I welcome those anonymous :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Montignac diet

Ahh, being back in Phase 1 of the Montignac diet is causing me headache, making me feel weak and dead tired. It's time to get the M'era Luna body of the year!

Montignac breakfast tips:
20 minutes before breakfast eat 1/4 - 1/2 apple/pear.
Do at least 40 situps while waiting ;)
1. Bread without any wheat flour or sweetening (hard bread or dark with fibres), cream cheese, ham and tomatoe (as many as you like to feel full). Drink 3 decilitres of water or weak tea.
2. Scrambled eggs and bacon (nothing else). Water or weak tea.
3. Porridge of extra fibre oatmeal, berries such as: blueberry/strawberry/raspberry or other berry - Burberry ;) ? serve with diluted milk and drink water/weak tea.

I got a new fanart yesterday, by Riley Shortt. Hihi. Cool!

Here's one I made of myself a couple of years ago :) Riley's is so much better!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The train ride was tiresome. Many people have seen me snoring with my mouth open today I guess...
I got up at 04.30 to do my hair and make up - I always aim to look stylish even if that means being totally tired all day long. I hope I pulled off an ok Adora look... Now I will got some well earned beautysleep!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wednesday: Time for the hospital in Lund again with daughter Fairlight who suffers from Juvenile Dermatomyositis (JDM).
I have to get up at 04.30 to have time for my make up and doing our sandwiches with fried eggs. I'm always so tired on those train takes me all week to feel normal again. Hello jet lag ;)


My fangs is beginning to be worn down and my old tentist works somewhere else, so I need to find another one who'll be nice enough to help me get new fangs.
I had a consulting meeting today, and most likely I will get a new one to re-make my fangs. He thought it was a very "interesting case"... bit odd, but doable.
Picture is NOT me!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Me, being totally un-goth (so, slaughter me and eat me, russian goths) just can't help falling in love with this wall-paper from designer Klaus Haapaniemi. I wouldn't have it in my home - but I still find it amazing.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fairlight birthday bash #1

To eat:
Buffet: fillet marinated in dijon mustard, horse raddish plus caper
potatoe sallad with sour cream and dill
mozzarella and tomatoes with basil and freshly ground black pepper
mixed sallad

Mini semla
2 small cookies
Pink birthday cake with strawberries and orange-whipped cream

She got so many presents :) It's so lovely to see their happy faces. Mummy loves <3
She got red patent leather shoes, Hello Kitty muffin game, dolls, cute skirt, dinosaurs, tattoos and so on.
Tomorrow she'll have a cat-party for her daycare friends :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Flour on black

So..what is a goth princess doing on a Friday?
Apparently baking...
Today I've made cat cakes, oak cookies, a sponge cake for the birthday cake. Earlier this week I made egg-looking cakes, mini-semla and some heart cookies. I'm still 2 cookies off for the 7-cake-rule...(birthday cake doesn't count).
Tomorrow we'll have the relatives over to celebrate Fairlight who is turning 5 on Sunday and I will not follow the 7-cake-rule. WHAT?! ARE YOU CRAZY WOMAN!! Why is because I'll serve a small buffet as they arrive, and that plus 7 cakes and a birthday cake can be bit too much.. But for Sunday, at her cat-party with her daycare friends, I will make sure to serve 7!

Today we got a call from her doctor in Lund that told us her latest tests looked good, so now we'll reduce the Prednisolon from 1.25 milligrams every night, to just 1.25 every other night (she will still have her other medicines). She got so happy about it :)
(She suffers from a very rare form of a soft tissue rheumatic disease: Juvenile Dermatomyotosis, JDM).

Looking foward to see my family tomorrow :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shopping tip

H&M have this super cheap lace linen. Use it under a corset, add a few crosses and lace gloves for a nice day out.
Baked cupcakes with Fairlight for her birthday celebration on daycare tomorrow. I didn't put my soul in the decorating, but I pimped them enought for kids to be totally impressed :) They taste like lemon and she also put a piece of chocolate in the middle. I made them blue, red, purple and orange. Mummy-points!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A poison flask necklace

After I told you people about Allison's delicious poison flask she did put them on etsy for you to buy for $8.00 USD!
She was even nice enough to give me one for free since I put it up here - that is just too cute <3 I can't wait to get it! Just can't decide on what color... you can choose between black, green, red and yellow. I think I'll go with black...but I might just buy a red and green one later...

A poison flask necklace

One of my Facebook friends made this fantastic neckless! What goth wouldn't wear this?! Allison Hausner on FB - perhaps she's got them for sale?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jesus is a vampire

It's a slow Sunday.

Today Jesus got back to life - woooho, cool.
I guess he turned into a vampire then?
He died, there was people drinking blood involved, he got back to life and lives forever...? If that's not a vampire I don't know?!
Has anyone ever seen him smile on any paintings so we can see the fangs???

From this day and foward I now decide that Jesus are in fact a vampire. AND that's the reason why I consider myself a Christian!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

About to hit my pillow. Today I've been at a nice dinner at a friends house. Between us we have 5 kids so you can imagine the action going on!

Later I did a test-make up and hair on a friend of mine who is gonna get married in May. She is an ex-electro goth and wanted to look less normal. She picked out a picture from a book and I tried to make her look just like it. She got so pretty! She looked just like Nina Hagen! SOOOO PRETTY <3 The best part was that she and her husband to be both really liked it, it made me very happy. They are just so in love - it's too cute.