Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ungaro Fall 2011 Paris Fashion Week

I really loved the Ungaro Fall 2011, especially the lace dresses with the latex collars. Sheer genius!
Lace and latex fits us goths like a slaughtered horse in a glue factory every time.
But don't you think the models is a bit too skinny? Well, I like to look like this myself...but I can almost guarantee they don't eat according to Montignac...

Todays make up

This week I had a green day on Wednesday, and some kind of pink line for my happy Friday :)
Right now I'm bleaching my roots :) My head itches like crazy! I started a bit late, so I won't have the time to color it today. I have to live with the boring white color for a week :(

TeeBee's best comment of the day: "-Last night the Devil came to my room and patted my hair." -Why you think that, I asked? "-I don't think it, it really happened, because look at my hair, it didn't look like this when I went to sleep. He obviously messed it up."
Hahahaha. And his strange thought about the Devil was because they asked what the Devil was, and I tried to be a good Christian and tell them. But apparently I made them think he messes little boys hair when they sleep :D