Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Today's look

Basic Goth wear by Adora BatBrat

Basic Goth wear by Adora BatBrat by adorabatbrat featuring sequin pants
This is what I consider "basic" goth wear. Nothing special, but still okay.
I had 2 meetings at school yesterday with Fairlight's and TeeBee's teachers wearing this.
(Can someone please help me here - is that correct, or should it be TeeBees' instead of TeeBee's or just plain TeeBees?).
I did feel a bit dressed down from the usual me though.

NO, NO, nothing like that! 
They didn't bite their little friends or anything, it was just the ordinary development chat with the teachers. Fairlight improved (she didn't talk as much and actually raised her hand before talking ;) ). The other things she had under control. Made mum proudest - she is so positive, her teacher said :)

TeeBee...well, what can we say about him...
Also very positive, his teacher said, but ants in the pants, talks as much as I do and just wanna have fun all the time.
Makes his homework witout any effort and scored the highest of all kids in the class (waaaay higher) with 61 points out of 62! A brainiac! Just like me ;)