Saturday, January 4, 2014

Snowflake make up - small tutorial + outfit

The day before Christmas Eve (in Sweden it's December 23) I was in need to buy some additional gifts. Well, need and need...I wanted to!

So I got into that Christmasy spirit that even us Goth people now can get after watching Nightmare Before Christmas slavishly for years.
I felt like a small vampire chick that just tasted her first blood drop as I went wild with my Kryolan Fluid Foundation TV-white and painted snowflake after snowflake on my pretty face. 
As I added the glitter I'm sure I felt the cold, black Goth heart of mine to acctually make a beat! It was THAT good!
Don't ever be fooled by my cute smile, I'd make your body cold in a heartbeat.

The making of the snowflakes

Kryolan Liquid Foundation TV-white is what I use as a "liner" together with an aquarelle brush, preferably made out of squirrel hair. I naturally only buy brushes made from roadkill squirrels ;)

I slap on the glitter by first dab my ordinary chapstick softly in the area where I want the glitter, then dip a round brush, and shake some off before dabbing it to the area.

The snowflakes was made by first making 3 lines like an "x" kind of, then painted one or two small "v" shapes on every line. I topped it off by using the wooden end on my aquarelle brush to make perfect dots. Secret out!

The coloring of the bangs

I colored my bangs like a candy cane by first using a small amound of Direction's Pink Flamingo, a small dash of Direction's Purple and all mixed with lots of conditioner to get my soft pink. It could have been lighter this time though.
For the streaks I used Direction's Poppy Red.
And the boarder of the bangs is Poppy Red, Pink Flamingo and Pink Flamingo with conditioner. I wanna lick it!
The pretty bows I made at my tea girls crafting evening. They are made from 3 different kinds of ribbons made into bows and hotglued on top of another. But before I glued on the last red bow I pressed an earring (that I bought cheap on sale) right trough, bended it on the backside and then glued it on top of the others. Hotglued a metal hairclip and some felt on backside.
Could I look any more like "What are you talking about? I don't understand.."
So posing :D  To bad it's blurry.
From the side as well. Sorry about the foundation slip around my little nose, but this is just before bedtime so it's a bit smudged after snorting glitter all day  :)
Great shot of my bow as well.
The contact lens is white with a slightly thicker black border (can't remember, but not Clearly Colors Special Effects: Manson)
The candy cane bangs. Well, not at it's best behaviour after being out in the wind all day.
Ehh...don't ask.
And then I was ready to go out and shop!

Too bad you can't see, but I'm wearing the most fab diamond sprinkled pantyhose from Kawaii Design
I'm wearing a pair of black tights under to make them darker.
Price 129 SEK.