Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Montignac Method vs anorexia nervosa

Forgot to mention - I'm not on the Montignac Method to loose weight. I am skinny enough.
But I used the Phase 1 every time to loose my weight after the pregnancies, and by this method alone (no additional training) I've lost a total of (are you ready?) 56 kilos! That is more than my weight today! I've lost a whole me by just changing my diet! 13+21+22=56 kilos.
(And for those who wonders: No, my kids don't eat according to Montignac)

First when I started out 10 years ago it was because I got an gastric catarrh and needed to stop eating crazy amounts of crisps and potatoe gratins flowing over with cream all day long (and I wanted my husband to be that skinny bitch he was when we met).
I was for real a crisp junkie. I had my stashes all over the place. And this is no joke!

I needed to find a way to still be able to eat like the horse my friends thinks I am (I don't know how, but I can eat more than a grown man - easily!) and get rid of that catarrh at the same time. And, ta-daa, my friend Mr N introduced us to the father of all GI-diets -Mr Montignac.

I like to look like an anorexic - without being one. <------Very important!
I'm totally honest, the skinny, on the verge to anorexic (not skin over skeleton) is a look that appeals to me (we all have different preferences, that's mine). But I would NEVER stop eating! And, I am naturally slim, so are both my parents.
Many girls wants to be skinnier (for whatever the reason) and I sure as hell rather see them loose their weight with the Montignac Method eating healthy than to stop eating and develop anorexia. You can thank me later, moms.
I'm a living (healthier) proof to that you still can be skinny without stop eating.

I've seen my pictures on "thinspiration"-sites and videos, and that's a bit scary, I can only just hope that people know I'm skinny because I eat, not because I don't.

Being an anorexic is a horrible, horrible desease that slowly kills you, and if you survive back you have damaged your inner organs and brain in ways that might not show until later in life.
You can become "sober", but unlike an alcoholic that just have to stay away from alcohol the rest of their life, you can't stay away from food. You will have to live with your disease everytime you eat.

I know an elderly lady that starved herself in the youth (because she was living a glitterati lifestyle as a dancer) and she's got permanent back pain (because of osteoporosis) causing her to bend foward as she walks, a tummy that can't hold her food causing either constipation or diarrea (yes, girls, that's the future. Like wearing diapers?) and damage on her short time memory. According to her doctor because of the many years of anorexia.
I can't tell you enough how many times she'd told me that if she could turn back time she wouldn't starved herself in the youth knowing this would be the future...she is very sad about this.

I can't tell you not to loose weight, because if you want to you will only do it another way so I will give you what I consider a good method.
A lot more can be said about anorexia, but I'll leave it like this for now.

I know I'm very controversial saying I like to look anorexic, but I can only just hope I'm allowed to tell the truth on how my mind works (I will be sooo whipped because of this...). Oh well...