Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas for the 3'd time

I forgot to update on the Christmas we celebrated at my dad's and his wifes house on Christmas Day. Have to add that later.
But today we celebrated Christmas for the 3'd time. Today with my mother and her husband at our flat.
This was the look of today
Dress: £10 at a London market, spangle tights: H&M, skull-socks: Lindex, shoes: Swedish e-bay

Cheesecake with milk chocolate ganache, strawberries and lightly whipped cream was what I served
Todays Christmas presents:
See my two cute gnomes and the new antique straw goat I bought

Synthia read on all the packages
And no, it's not one of my kitties to the right, it's my stuffed fox Marian Gold. I love her, she's so cute. I got her from Synthias school at a sale (crazy cheap). I thought she would have it better in my home where she can be loved than in some hunters cottage.

Thank's for at sweet 3'd Christmas. And what did I get? Money and sweet luxorious chocolate truffles.
I'm enjoying them now :P

Eyes of today

Feeling the New Year approaching I did some fireworks inspired make up today :)
I had on lots of silver as well as lilac hologram glitter, but it didn't come out well on camera :(
Haha, gotta love that still picture...time for sleep, Adora?

Back to Doctor Bart

After I danced around the Christmas tree on Christmas eve and breathed like a 94 year old woman who just did 101 jumping jack's afterwards I had to realise it was time to lumber back to the doctors office...

Doctor Bart listened to my lungs today, then looked me in the eyes saying "-This doesn't look good. You have a whole orchestra playing in there."
This is the mental picture I goth
He could hear whisling, squeaking, rattling, crackle and pop, he said.
10 antibiotics at once, then 9/day as well as 2 gigantic cortisone pills every day AND cortisone nasal spray 2 times/day.
All of this because I have a double-sided pneumonia, sinusitis-problems and an otitis on it's way (the doctor who did the rinsing managed to put up some water behing my eardrum, and now, after being deaf on that ear since then, it's about to turn into an otitis.)
And of course on top of it all this the bi-effects on all these medicines is swollen face. I can just give my best eyeliner to the fact that I soon will look like a moon-girl in the face!

And yeah...we all know what else below-the-waist-problem comes out of a heavy antibiotics cure...
If only I could bake bread out of it...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shabby chic people scares me!

The swedish variant of Shabby chic is more white, white and bit of zinc then the american flower, romantic way. But please, you must know when enough is enough!
I stumbled over this picture at
I couldn't believe it - but real persons lives here! It looks like an over decorated shop, not a home..
Don't the men look like they suffer?
I can understand a girl wants to live like this, it is kind of cute (I'm VERY embarassed to actually like it - moderately!) - but can you imagine a man living in this wedding cake home?! Wait - it gets worse:
He's supposed to fuck in this! Can't be easy to be real macho when your making love in grandma's bedroom?
and of course there can be no empty places, everywhere it must be garish..
and here's the dinner table
Okay, so she's very good at creating this shabby chic (/"grandma-on-cocaine-balls-style") to her house. I like to visit peoples houses that look like this - but at the same time I can't help myself from laughing.
It's ridiculus having a man to live in this ruche brash!
I'm very ambivalent to this style...I like it, but still I think it's sick.

My home is also all white. Everything but the floor in the living room (parquet) and my bedroom (antique oak) is. I'd like the floor in the living room to be white too, but my husband's got enough by putting white floors in the kids rooms. But I still work him... I want my L.R. to look like a studio, sort of..

I have no special decoratin style, I like many, but I don't like color, it makes my mind twirly. Not too much stuff to be seen (that is extremely difficult when you live 5 persons in a 5-room flat). And yes - I admit to having certain areas in the shabby-style - from time to time - not all the time, all over the place.

My favorite room of all times was our bedroom in the last flat (before all the kids). It looked a bit like a catholic bedroom. Perfect to be nasty in ;) Sorry about the ugly bedside rug - but it was a fun thing we had going from a Turkey-vacation earlier..

Berlin 2006

Here I am ready to go and visit our friend Eskil of the band Covenant who invited us in since we were in town. He lived in Berlin at this time. I love his voice and their music.
My husband actually arranged their first gig as the band Covenant, AND invited in the record company that signed them back then. Good job, honey, you made the world a better place!

One thing - I HATE BERLIN!
Not to start a 3'd world war or something, but we went there in January 2006 - and it was the coldest week in our lives!! I have NEVER been that cold - not even now when Sweden is having like 10-20 degrees below Celsius. Always when we complain it's cold, we always says:
 "- but it's not Berlin-cold."
I can't belive how cold it was - we literally had on all the clothes we packed, at the same time, but still we almost freeze to death.
Sorry, Berlin. I'll try visit you in the summer and give you a second chance.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Making cocain-balls

Feeling creative, so I made cocain-balls for New Year's Eve. I usually call them Angel Marbles, but the ones I rolled in icing sugar sure made me think different...and I like to get a good laugh, so that was a better name :)
Warning!!! Never try anyone elses cocain-balls! You should never do drugs, but you can make jokes about it.
I lead evening courses in Chocolate truffle making sometimes, and this one is always made the first lesson since it's so easy and taste sooooo good. It's more of a candy than a truffle though..

Cocain-balls/Angel marbles
200 grams white chocolate
40 g cream
1½ tablespoon of room temperature, unsalted, real butter
6 tablespoons of shredded coconut
juice of half a lime
Roll in:
icing sugar or pearl sugar

Chop the chocolate and melt in a water-bath.
Heat the cream until it simmers, add the butter. Stir this into the chocolate and add the shredded coconut.
Pour in the lime juice. Stir and then pour to a plate and let clot in the refrigerator about 10-30 minutes.
Rasp out with a spoon and roll (quickly! It melts) to a small ball. Roll it in icing sugar or pearl sugar.
Store in the refrigerator, but serve at room temperature.

*To get colored pearl sugar: Add a few drops of caramel colour to the pearls and rub with your fingers.

I also made milk-chocolate ganache with rum, and dark chocolate ganache with coffee. It will set at room temperature until tomorrow, then I'll make them into truffles.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Pretty umbrella...ending with dead people

It's time to start thinking about the summer and the M'era Luna festival in Germany. I'm a big fan of DIY and this supersweet umbrella made me think perhaps I should style my own umbrella next year?
Of course I'm no fan of this vintage, shabby chic style umbrella (well, yes, embarassing enough I am, but I would never tell, not even under torture!), but I see everything in black inside my head, and in black this will be wonderful and so pretty I must poke out my eyes because it hurts too much looking at it. And all around me people will start taking suicide because they want an umbrella just like it and when they understand they can never have it they must die....well, that's just how my mind wanders away sometimes...
I just love my homemade movies my brain presents to me every day. I wish you could all sit down and watch the magic going on in there....

Todays outfit

Today we were out on town to do one of the traditions we have for the kids.
Every year they get to choose one Christmas ornament. So when they leave home in their 40's *hahaha* they will have ornaments that they hopefully have memories around to put in their own tree.
Yes, I had a jacket on too
These are the ornaments they choose
Fairlight took the cute polar bear, Synthia the glitter snowflake and TeeBee the hysterically funny pig! I think he will laugh his socks off when he's older and is going to hang that one in his tree! I will tease him about that one for ever!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Christmas eve

Since half of Sweden was snowbound we changed location and celebrated Christmas at my husbands mum and dad instead. It was very funny, they are always so sweet.
This was the look of the day. I had red earrings at least!

Sweet Synthia was so happy

And here's pretty Goldilocks, aka Fairlight

And my cute TeeBee turned into a knight in shining armour.
See he's got Darth Vader on his shirt? The only way he agreed on wearing a shirt on Christmas eve was if I sew Darth to it.
The things we do to keep our kids stylish ;)

Is Santa coming?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have a wonderful, happy Christmas filled with love <3
I'm so happy we managed to get home in the snowstorm. And thank's Santa for making the evening magic for our wonderful children. Now they will be good for another year ;)

Lots of  Love from me to You, pretties

and....yeah, I'm still sick (in the head/lungs/back? Take a pick)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Change of plans

At 14:00 I went out into the snowstorm, and at 18:46 I got back. I had like 12 bags of Christmas presents in my hands.
On my way out
I'm just looking at the weather forecast and we have a class 2 warning from our town to my mother. She lives 1½ hour away and sadly I must realize there will be no celebrating with my mother, her husband, my uncle (who calles us the Addams Family) and his family as well as my grandfather Harry tomorrow :(

 We will celebrate the entire day at my parents in law instead, who lives much closer. We were about to celebrate the evening with them, but now they will have us for guests all day.
That means I had to go out to buy some extra food for the Christmas dinner just now. I'm SO tired...

Oh, well - time to sip some mulled wine and crush a gingerbread heart between my fangs before I hit that pile of unwrapped gifts. Then I will most surely drop dead and won't rise again until tomorrow.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas time filled with love, reasonable drinking and fantastic company. Sing a song with your old grandma or something, or make her tell you a lifestory about how she meet your grandpa. Those storys always makes me so happy. Lots of love for everyone. For those that hate Christmas (sadly many do); try to focus on the good things. If you like talking to your cousin then only think about that as the fun thing. Bad things is not worth a second of your time, you only deserve happiness; that's my wish for you <3


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Making meatballs

I just made 45 meatballs for the Christmas dinner. If I don't do them my mother will BUY meatballs *shivers*. I have never in my life bought ready-made meatballs and will NEVER do. Disgusting!
I'm also enjoying the view from my window. It's a beautiful winters day with 11 degrees below Celsius, and I'm quite happy to be inside.
I'm doing some goth crafting today. Can't reveal anything because it's Christmas gifts. Sorry..

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Crafting in the house

At Christmas every year I force my kids to do some crafts. The thing with making crafts with kids is you want them to make things you actually want to show. I think I did good this year. They made some fantastic things, and I love having them shown in our home.
Here's their wonderful angel candle holders
  • Buy cheap candle holders at IKEA
  • Paint them with glue
  • Put on a sweet angel bookmark
  • Quickly roll it in sugar (here you can blow-dry to faster get to the next step)
  • Paint the upper edge with glue and dip it in silver/gold glitter
  • Put in a tea light and light it - enjoy <3
I also had them make some cute mittens to hang in the tree.
  • Cut a nicely patterned felt into two mittens
  • Sew them together with easy stitches
  • Glue on a crochet lace
  • Thread a red ribbon through it and tie
  • Hang it in you tree/nose/whatever
I think they are just supercute <3 My kids got lots of compliments from the proud mum. Aww, they did good. Now they are craft-free until Valentine's Day ;)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Blog at place 29 of 5161

Yesterday I added my blog to something called Bloggar/Topplista (=Blog Toplist, Sweden). And amongst 5161 blogs I entered immediately at place 29. Wow! That was unexpected...but cool :)
Wohoo, for goths!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

New Year's Eve 1999-2000

I just stumbled across some pictures from New Year's Eve 1999-2000. It was a BIG party with all my husbands relatives, (we were about 50-70 ppl) we celebrated at a wardroom on a military island that we had all to ourselves. We had to go there by boat. It was very special. I made me and my husband matching 18'th century'ish dresses :)
Oh, wow! On the pictures you can see my best feature. It might seem a bit odd, but my best feature (according to me) is my forehead. I just love the way my forehead is curved.
I love having my bangs, but it disturbs me that it hides my best feature....
Now when I say it out loud it sounds ridiculous! *hahaha, I'm such a geek*

Eating Bambi's mum's heart

It was me who shot Bambi's mum! Here I am at the Christmas dinner eating a deer's heart - for real! I've never tried it before, but I liked the feeling of eating it... (it was interesting and icky at the same time)
I wrote "God Jul" on my nails, that's swedish for Merry Christmas :)
I think Santa will give me one package less because I lied to A. Shit! I really needed that space diaper!

Friday, December 17, 2010

I have beautiful hair!

I just bleached and re-colored my hair :)
I'm going to change my haircolor before the summer, but for me and my sisters German "tour" I will keep it light purple and silver a while longer.

Tonight I've been invited to a restaurant by my husbands boss to have Christmas dinner with all his co-workers. It will be fun! But I'm mostly looking foward to the food :)
I will leave my Montignac method at home tonight, that's for sure!

I haven't finished my make up yet (as you might see although I'm hiding my face). Not quite sure how to do it tonight.. I usually like to look a bit more Christmassy when I go to theese events - but I also like to wear my tiaras and lots of bling...and I wonder if I should look more goth, or be "nice" and wear a bit less make up. I have to think it over...

Thursday, December 16, 2010

How to make Christmas a bit more goth

See those wonderful gingerbread-skelletons I found on the web!
I'm more of a traditionalist myself, but these will now be part of my tradition :) TeeBee will LOVE to eat skelletons. A fantastic idea indeed!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Interviewed in Mookychick by Sky Gazzard

Here's an interview I did for Mookychick. I pasted it, or you can just read it here to also see the pictures.
Interview by Sky Gazzard

Adora Bat Brat is a synthare (swedish electrogoth) princess. This clever goth queen is famous for her YouTube make-up tutorials, DIY gothic fashion and SO much more. We caught her between baking for a virtual chat.

Adora Bat Brat is a synthare (swedish electrogoth) princess. Famous for her make-up tutorials on youtube showcasing her unique look with over 4 million total hits. Model, make-up artist and mother this enterprising goth is branching out into designing her own clothes and singing in an electro band.

How did you get into modelling?
At the age of 20 I studied art and was a croquis (nude) model for other artists on weekend-classes. About a year later I met a reputable fashion/commercial photographer, Paul Quant, who liked my looks and we collaborated (still do) on many occasions for published as well as exhibition pictures. He recommended me to other photographers as well. This was in the beginning of the 90's so there were no digital cameras and we worked in a very different way than you do nowadays. He taught me everything that a model needs to think about.

Who are your style inspirations?
I was a teenager in the 80's, so my biggest inspirations were Boy George, Cindy Lauper and the girls of The Anadin Brothers. Everything in the 80's was fantastic in my town. The local punk girls all looked like a mix between Nina Hagen and Morticia Addams, but with extreme make-up skills, things I copied when I was 12 - and still do! I'm also an extreme fan of old movies in the glam era with Marilyn Monroe and Shelley Winters. Marlene Dietrich was the reason I removed my eyebrows in 1992.
I have no "new" style inspirations, I tend to look backwards in style. I'm a member of an 18'th century society so that era is a also a huge inspiraton.

With a blog and fan page as well as your website and other profiles, what makes you want to share so much of your life on the internet?
Haha, I think the world has not caught up with us swedes when it comes to that!
You might say I started the Adora Bat Brat - goth and Facebook on demand. I got so many questions on youtube and myspace that I couldn't cope with answering them all and I didn't want to disappoint anyone. The easiest way was to create a forum (website) where people could find information about me themselves, and a blog for those who wanted to know more about my persona. My two Facebooks (one personal, one fan page) and the blog is where I can interact with people and I read everything I get even if I could never answer everything, since I get well over a 100 personal mails every day (not counting comments). The main reason I want to share must be that it's a fantastic way to get in contact with so many interesting people. And I don't share that much... I'm too wierd to put everything in my blog! People would surely call the men with the white coats then...

What is it like having so many fans?
The best way to describe it is like "being wrapped in a pink, fluffy, warm blanket", or the goth way to say it: "being wrapped into a black gigantic bat's wings". I don't think about it that much, but I aim to make people feel more positive about themselves. I'd love it if all people can feel as good as I do on the inside. Spread the love xxx

What are your views on feminism? Would you consider yourself a feminist?
That is always a difficult question. Feminism means so many things for different people, but surely we should all be equal when it comes to salary, politics and social rights. It doesn't matter sex, looks or other. I think goths are more discriminated then women in general anyway, so I might just be a gothist. I don't have to call myself a feminist to think equal rights should be observed.

Do you feel judged as a mother for the way you look?
I actually feel a bit less judged by others since I had the kids. Before "normal" people had trouble figuring me out, but by having children they could relate to me on another level - as a mother. I get stopped often by women in the age 40-90 who tell me that when they were younger they were original like me, and that they love my looks. Very sweet. The word on the town is that I have Karlskrona's most beautiful children - people tell me that all the time. Being judged that way is just nice.

Is there a difference between the Swedish and UK alternative scene?
By the little I've seen I'd have to say yes. Sweden is a small country, and the alternative scene even smaller.. The things that strike me most is that we have very different styles in electro music (that is my music of choice), we seem to put more effort to our make up and hair (and by this I do not mean myself, I always have boring hair) and people seem more open and happy in general.
Or it can be I've just been to the wrong clubs in London, or that the people are a bit too shy. Swedes are chatterboxes and we love when people come over for a conversation.

Do you think you would be as popular without your sunny character?
Aww, so sweet of you! You really think I'm sunny?! Now I'll be happy all week!
Well, no, I don't think so. Every morning I wake up happy and apparently it shines through. I'd like everyone to feel as happy as I do.

What are the plans for the band? Is it a serious project or just for fun?
Asperger Synthdrome is very much a serious fun project :) We have been offered a studio for free to record our songs and we have people wanting to produce our first video. The plan is to get all of that started in January. Unfortunately my beautiful sister is as busy as I am, but we'll make this work. One record company already made an offer after seeing our live-video on youtube, but we want to be a bit more ready. The dream would be to play at the M'era Luna festival in Germany of course.

You make and customise most of your clothes and accessories. Are you anti-consumerist or just trying to keep your look unique?
I've been making and customising clothes since my grandmother put a needle in my hand *haha, that sounded funny*. I've always known I was different, and for different girls there were no different clothes when I grew up, so I had to do the best I could. I think it's a nice hobby. I love to work with my hands, that's when my brain makes somersaults.

You model, design clothing and sing... Any more plans for world domination?
Strangely I have to say yes. I've been working on writing two books for many years. One children's book and one book about the scary me. I'm looking forward to doing the illustrations for the kids' book. It's a very sad story. When I tell people the plot they always tear up. It's a dream having it published.

Are there any words of wisdom you'd like to pass on to people reading this?
Oh wow... there are so many things. For me it's always been to choose the happy side of the matter, to love yourself the most and be your own best friend. Don't do to yourself what you wouldn't do to your best friend. Always assume everyone you meet has a story sadder than yours, that will make you sympathetic, and try to meet anger with a smile. Don't lower yourself to their level.

Where can we buy your stuff?
Apparently designing clothes takes a long time. Just yesterday I got the pre-designs sent to me on the Victorian Collar as well as The Adorable Heart blouse. The Collar looked fantastic, but the blouse was a disaster! I have to try to make the pattern myself this time, since the patternmaker didn't quite understand how I wanted it to look. A real setback since we are planning to have them up for sales by Valentines Day on (we were about to get started in September 2010, so it's a "bit" delayed).

Is there anything I should have asked but haven't?
There is still lots left of me to know ;) Perhaps 'How do I stay so thin?' The answer: I eat according to the Montignac method where I can eat lots without gaining weight. It's mostly fat and fibres. I had to change my diet because of gastric catarrh. I write a bit about it in my blog.
But I think that's it! Lots of love xxx

Keep up with Adora on the Adora BaBrat Blog and check out the Adora BatBrat website (with links to her facebook and youtube channel). Oh,yes - do!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Recepie to the BEST saffron buns

I don't know about the rest of the world, but here in Sweden at the 13'th of December when we celebrate Lucia it's a must to eat Lussekatter/saffron buns. "Mine" usually makes big ohh's and ahhh's. But all I do really is to follow the recipe of Johan Sörberg at the famous Riddarbageriet. The recipe is to be found in his sold out book "Riddarbageriets söta". I'm gonna share it with all of you that doesn't own this book.

This picture was taken after I got photographed as a Lucia
for the frontpage on our morningpaper -96 or something.
One of the few moments when I played normal for a day.
These takes forever to bake - but the taste is so worth it!
I use the gram measurements - you better too, or I come back and haunt you with a stick!

Saffron buns from Riddarbageriets söta by Johan Sörberg
(a bit corrected by me)

700 g wheat flour (12 dl)
300 g milk (3 dl)
196 g caster sugar (2,5 dl)
150 g real butter
50 g yeast
1 egg
14 g salt (2 teaspoons)
0,5 g saffron
1 lump of sugar

Melt butter in a bowl and add the milk. Make lukewarm (37 degrees C). Add the yeast and stir until it's melted.
Use a pounder to grind the saffron together with the lump of sugar. This will bring out the flavour even more. Pour into the bowl and stir. Now add ALL of the other ingredients. Put on medium speed in the dough mixer for 10 minutes (or use the electric handmixer with dough hooks).
Put a towel over it and rest for 30 minutes at room temperature.

Cut the dough into bits of 60 grams (about 24 pieces). Make to a bun by folding  the corners to the middle, put that side down (called runddriv in swedish). When you have done the last one it's time to roll the first one to a 10 centimeters roll and put under plastic one by one - do not use flour. When the last one is put under the plastic you can start to roll Lussekatter/Saffron buns from the first one. Roll them to about 30 centimeters, and make them squiggly like a Lussekatt should be. Put in a raisin at each end.
Let yeast until double the size. It takes at least 90 minutes. You can't go by time here, only by size.
Bake off in 230 degrees Celsius for about 3-5 minutes. They should look like this:
According to this recipe you don't  brush them with egg until after they have been baked.
* 1 egg, 2 tablespoons of cold water and ½ a teaspoon of salt is the blend you brush them with.
Let cool on a grid under a towel, then pack them in plastic bags. The ones you won't eat for 24 hours you should freeze, since the saffron makes the buns dry eventually.

I always recommend to pre-heat them in the oven before eating them (frozen or not). 100 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes will make perfect buns to serve. I never eat any bun without doing this - but I am a professional bun eater.

Not many people have the patience to make these buns by this recipe - but IF you do, you will never use another recipe for saffron buns again. This is the one and only. Thank's Johan!

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Addams Family

The next day I was in for another rinse of my sinuses. I brought the kids with me since I thought they would get a kick out of it! I'm like all "-Check it out, now the doctor is connecting this tube to the tube sticking out of my nose. Whoa - look at all that snot that's coming out of mummys nose..." They had an exciting day.

Perhaps now I can understand why my uncle calls us the Addams Family!
"-What did you do with your family this weekend, Synthia?"
"-I watched the doctor flushing out snot from my mummys sinuses. It was rad!"

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Taking the self harm to a new level

Okay cutters, I now play in a league of my own with self infliktion.
As many goths I just looooove getting dark, bitter, and then cut myself for being so boring (this is NOT true - I don't cut myself - noone should). Cutting yourself is more like a hobby instead of being crafty and do something creative with your life.
So when I felt I was close to getting a sinusitis I made damn sure so misbehave and make that a bad ass sinusitis; pain in my whole face, the teeth hurted, my temple was in cramp and the headache was nearly unbearable. Then it was time to call the doctor for some serious pain.
He sprayed my nose with something with the resemblance to solvent in taste. I started to get eructations. Then he shoved 5 cotton swabs in each nostril, 10 centimeters in (ouch!). Where's the camera when you need one?
By this time I shut my eyes. Something was put in to keep my nostrils wide open, a tube was inserted and then there was a bang. The same to the other nostril. I asked why there was bang, bang in my nose? And here's the über cool part - I got pierced inside my skull!!! Try to out-cool that! He pierced a hole to my sinus on both sides to enable a tube to get in.
He then rinsed my sinuses with 5 deciliters of water on each side. It was awful! I almost puked. I could feel the water swishing behind my eyes *help*
There came out so much mucus the doctor almost cheered with proudness! Once again - where's the camera?
Then - he torn out the left one. The right tube is still attached to my sinus skeleton for another rinse tomorrow. When the anesthesia went away the pain was horrible and I had blood running from both my nostrils. Looked very goth-cool I might add. You can still see the cut off tube in my nostril on the picture.
So, instead of making puny cuts on your forearms to make people feel sorry for you, try to pierce your sinuses instead, for some real pain! I feel so hard-core now!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Back to the doctors office...

All those pills....and nothing...
I've been eating 6 BIIIIIG pills every day since Monday to recover from pneumonia and sinusitis and yet I feel no better. I breath like an old woman (hell - I AM an old woman!) and have a running snout like an
 old geezer. Tha pain, oh, the pain!!! See, I even complain like an old person!
This "Old-ora" must go away so the bubbly and breathtaking (opposite to the now breath-less*haha*) Adora can enter again. Where's the fun, where's the joy?
Yeah - I know - in Healthy town, not in Mucus-ville ;(
13:30 I'll have another date with Doctor Bart.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Inbetween the rest I so desperately need to get well from my pneumonia I managed to bake some saffron buns (and yes - I was very careful with the hygiene) for the Lucia parade-coffee on Friday. I'm gonna make some more tomorrow.
And yes, I know, I AM the gothic Martha Stewart ;) Oink oink

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'm having double pneumonia!!!!

I've been caughing my insides out for 3 weeks, and my relatives started to get worried about me.
So at my birthday bash this weekend they forced me to PROMISE to go to the doctor Monday. Okay, okay, I said.

So, Monday I had to get out in a very snowy Sweden to the exhausting walk to my doctor.
I got a doctor Bart. I just can't stop laughing at that. There are nearly no Bart's in Sweden, but now he was my doctor! The theme from Simpsons was playing in my head on the way over...

He checked me over and then I got a bloodtest. The value should be 5, and never higher then 8. I had 54. He told me I clearly had a bakterial infection and double pneumonia and sinusitis. WHAT?!
So - here I have been rumbling about in 38.9 degrees Celsius fever, feeling light-headed because I can't breath normally because my lungs stings and caughing my insides out while trying to tell myself I'm just having a cold?!
Bless my father in law for sending me to the doctors office!

I should have known something was wrong when I slept in 30 minutes extra instead of putting on my make up 2 times last week. I can't hardly admit it to myself. I don't think that's happened since I was 12. I'm so ashamed....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm officially 38 years!

At 08.26 this morning I turned 38! That's the same age my mum was when I met my husband (I was 16 then). And I thought she was so aged! I still feel 16 at heart :)
Yesterday I had my relatives over for cookies. I had 38.8 degrees Celsius fever and they all were worried about me getting wornout. So I had to lie and say it was no problem at all, and that I had already baked all the cookies.
But no, I made the chocolate cupcakes the evening before, and the vanilla horns, white chocolate angel kugeln, oakmeal cookies with chocolate and the pastry I did on that morning *sorry for lying*
I usually make 7 different cookies, but I just had to cut down.

And today on my real birthday I woke up with a sinusitis on my right side (oh, the pain! The teeth, the entire cheek and my temple hurts like crazy), massive headache and 38.8 degrees Celcius in fever. My relatives are certain I have pneumonia (I think not!) and is forcing me to visit a doctor tomorrow..
Not such a glamorous birthday, right...
Right now I'm wishing for: being half asleep in the couch with my kids hugging me every now and then and to eat the amazing salmon fillet and gorgonzola baked broccoli my husband will make me for dinner <3
I made some homemade vanilla sauce yesterday, so I'm guessing I'll bake an appelpie for the evening as well. Screw fever!

Friday, December 3, 2010

My couch view right now

This is the view from my sofa right now. Perhaps it's difficult to see, but there's a gunpowder magazine build in granit seen in the right corner of the window. It was made 1734. And now there is snow and ice around it as supposed to a beautiful sea. I just love my window view.