Wednesday, June 20, 2012

TeeBee's summer hair - goth mohawk

My darling son TeeBee made me shave his hair into his usual summer hairdo, Goth mohawk, past bedtime last night simply because he wanted to have liberty spikes at todays midsummer party at daycare.

He is just too cool I think!

I always leave his "sideburns" because it reminds me of how little China boys were shaved many centuries ago.

I think this style of mohawk is called a death mohawk nowadays? When not formed to liberty spikes, that is..

Goth shoes - Summer edition

I got a request to give tips about goth shoes to wear at summer. 
I myself do use the same shoes all year around simply because I love having hot, sweaty feet cool boots.
But I also have a more summer goth shoe collection.
I'm no fan of high heels (not true, I drool over high heel goth shoes)  mainly because I want to be able to wear the same shoe for a whole day without any pain.
Sure, I'm goth, we love self inflicted pain, but this is too hard core for me.

I like platform shoes. I like comfortable shoes. I like pretty goth shoes.
How hard can it be to combine these 3???

I just found this picture (have no idea where to buy it though), and this shoe is something I could wear at summer. But why isn't the sole black as well?
I would probably change the shoe laces to a pretty ribbon and paint a bat on the side  :)