Monday, April 9, 2012


My cats

I heard some snoring from the kitchen and found our two lovely cats sleeping together.

I can't tell you enough how much I love cats!

Porsche is a full breed, seal masked Siamese, international champion and a retired "avelshanne" (you know, he fathered a LOT of kittens).

He is so cool and look so Goth with his bat ears!

Prince Vinyl is a domestic cat although his mum was a Siamese and his dad a Holy Birma (Swedish name translated straight off. Is it Birman?).  He looks like a short haired, blue sealed Birma.

Posts disappearing!

I have found out that half of my posts mysterious disappears...

Although I have made at least one update every day - I can't find it later?

Stupid phone blogging. Crap in pants stupid. Wet finger in the ear stupid.

Todays Sunday Goth activity was a lovely Easter dinner at my in-laws.  And I had some coffee dessert with me. Sweet.

Best part is; my smart husband brought plastic boxes with him to put the leftovers in, so now we can enjoy this super nice dinner tomorrow as well!

That's the kind of smart I like <3

Things we discussed during dinner: crazy puke we'd had, diarrhea, crickets in the mouth, ghosts, funny toilet visits, amongst others.

Just another dinner at the BatBrat table...