Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday: Mediterranean

My class got a bit inspired by my Casual Thursdays (I think) and decided on theme-Wednesdays.
Today's theme was Mediterranean.
Since I'm a bit short on flowery dresses I went as a rich bitch on a cruise :)

I had a very healthy and; oh, so good, Montignac lunch.

Zipper on the top is on place.

I've just started to use NeuLash and now I'm on day 2. I think I already can see a difference....(?)
I'll update in a few days. This is really interesting since so many gotten longer lashes when using it.
Even my mother in law! I'm very impressed by her result.

Tomorrow is casual Thursday so that means no black for me.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tuesday - Fire alarm

Stupid fire drill at school today...
Oh, well, now they all will know where to get out if I sew so fast my machine sets on fire!

I forgot my cellphone at home so I couldn't take any pictures of today's work (I only use the phone for taking pictures and sometimes for blogging. Calling and texting? Never!).

Got home at 17:47, had dinner for 6 minutes, still with my jacket on, and 17:53 I left for a parental meeting at the kids school at 18:00. Home at 21:00.

Why all the un-Goth pink flowers in my hair? Time to color the roots but I try to wait for another week..

Monday, February 25, 2013

Knights and horses

It's been school holiday this week.
Went to the museum and played dress up with TeeBee.
It was so funny to dress him as a Knight!
I realized how clever people must have been back then because when he was fully dressed he could almost not move because of the weight and he had trouble speaking through the helmet.
This must have been an enormous help to keep the kids in one place instead of running around like crazy people. I of course immediately bought one for him to wear at home ;)

Yesterday we went to friends that live in the outback to have fun in the snow. I fell out of the plastic sledge all the time. That was fun too... for the kids.

We went back inside and as we were to feed their rabbits and opened the door their 5 horses had escaped and just hanged very casual outside their door. It looked so funny! They were like; Mhm, so?!

Monday goth make up and outfit

It's time to bleach the roots but I was lazy this weekend so now I have to cover it up with flowers and bows until I get the time.
I'm a Goth girl who loves pink flowers and it casts a shadow on my cool person ;)

At school we learned to change a man's collar and to change the pattern of the shirt.
I hate math...
Making pattern isn't anything else but making math all the time. I feel like Einstein...but without the smartness.
My math teacher, Gösta, would be so proud!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Adora's advanced art

How I love make up!
Sometimes I'm surprised by myself on how I am able to do it as good as I do.
I kind of admire this Goth girl Adora BatBrat on her make up skills and doesn't feel as pretty as she is although it is me. But I can't see it?
I wanna be her...
It might sound strange (and stuck up) but it's the truth. I'm just a fan girl.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A break breaker

School's closed for holiday break this week but I was a holiday break breaker and went to school anyway. Haha, how Goth evil.

Made some clothes for the girls and continued on our "Project Runway" project, mostly on the inside today.

Before bedtime I happened to bling my new calculator I'm gonna have at school.
I have to say I'm sorry about my non-Goth fascination of shiny objects.
I'll try to be better.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Missing picture

I'm a bit sour this picture was left out.

An ordinary Goth Monday

There's no school this week (I'm studying pattern construction) because of holiday.

I realized that my goal to get Goth beach 2013 body of the year actually might happen!

I'm still eating my Montignac low carbohydrates method (kind of) and are doing 100 situps/day to keep my back from pain - and nothing else!
I eat all the time, my brain is happy about that and I don't have to work out (but it is still good for the body so if you can bare, do it) - and still I'm slim. I'm sorry if this sounds like bragging, but I am bit proud :)

Synthia was invited to a birthday party today where the best looking won a price. You think she got it? YES, SHE DID! The other girls voted for her to win. She was so proud since she styled herself (I just did was I was told). She's even wearing her fake septum she bought.

Fairlight's Mauve Kanekalon was done braiding today and then she wanted to be a leopard as she played with a friend. Later she joined another friend to the bathhouse.

TeeBee and I went out on town and bought him a skull shirt. On the way we found a dead pigeon (that's why the sad face) and we prayed for it to have a lovely life in heaven.

What an eventful day. Holiday, my ass! :)
I'm going to school tomorrow even if it's holiday. For real!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Closet cleaning nightmare continues..

I don't know what happened, but my small organizing of my skirts blow out of proportion and somehow I happened to move on to the small walk in closet and.... well, just look at the pictures..
Our bedroom turned into a living nightmare.

I've hated my husband's drawer since forever and his argument it doesn't matter what it looks like since it's inside his wardrobe makes makes me go insane.
So now I had the chance to do something about it.

In one hour I had glued wallpaper over it and also matched the stool with it.
Wardrobe is not finishes yet, but I'm so, so, proud of the result so far.

I have no "before" picture,  and you should be happy...

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Braiding Fairlight

Every now and then Fairlight nags on me to braid her hair with Kanekalon. Now was that time.

I've just started to braid Kanekalon in color Mauve, and I color her fringe and part on top with Directions Violet mixed with conditioner to make it look better.
I keep Kanekalon in full length.

I usually don't make her whole hair, just the sides and on top. On the back I just make an ordinary braid or a pony tail..

Cleaning my closet - skirts

As all of you Goths I also have a wardrobe more similar to a black hole than an actual wardrobe.

You press in your arm and feel around until you find something you think is right to match the shirt you found the same way.
It's bound to match since it's all black, but it's a permanent surprise dressing every morning.
Perhaps that's why people think I have bit of original style, but it's not,  just surprise dressing.

I'll give it a shot to get some order in the dark materia to be able to choose what to wear each day. Perhaps my style won't improve but at least I gave it a shot.

I just tossed all of my skirts and dresses on my bed that was squeezed into this small area in the wardrobe. Will I ever be able to get it back? Will I do some findings? Will I die doing this hopeless task?

Adora's Logg: I'm about to go where no Goth have boldly gone before...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I wish you all a day filled with love.
Remember that you are the number 1 love of your life!

I send you a warm and a cosy hug. Lots of love to beautiful you <3

Wednesday look: Heart week

At school we had a black theme today, man, that was difficult!
I'm Goth...

But I think I scored big when I found my homemade top with the black girl print :) it is just so f*cking awesome (how I admire myself sometimes).

Tomorrow (well, now..) is Valentine's Day so can you please, on my order, admire and love yourself the most? You are the best you you can be <3 You love you and I love me.
Superbig huggies and sweet words from me to gorgeous you.

Tuesday look: Heart week

I went all in with the hearts - hoodie,  skirt and stockings.
Haha, I felt a bit strange wearing my hoodie to school, to me that felt bit like dressing down. It's cute, but not so UCG ;)

Continued on our "Project Runway" task at school. It's getting there....

Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday goth look at school

Monday -Schmonday ...
Here is how I dressed today; practical since I've been trying out my new design at school.
And since it's Valentine's on Thursday I'm aiming for hearts the entire  week.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Crafting: fake metal labels

In our bedroom we have bought several benches and put on top of eachother (Savannah from JYSK store).
I like the fact it looks a bit like an old pharmacy or buyers bench (?)/"köpmanna bänk".

I've had yellow post-it labels on it to know what's in the drawers.
Now I got fed up with those notes constantly falling off as being ugly,and as I don't wanna spend a fortune or lots of work hammering and stuff so I just googled metal labels and printed on a photo paper and then used some rub-on letters to label the drawers.

Although it's not as cool as real metal label holders it still beats the hell out of yellow post-it notes...

Easy, cheap and fast!