Thursday, December 23, 2010

Change of plans

At 14:00 I went out into the snowstorm, and at 18:46 I got back. I had like 12 bags of Christmas presents in my hands.
On my way out
I'm just looking at the weather forecast and we have a class 2 warning from our town to my mother. She lives 1½ hour away and sadly I must realize there will be no celebrating with my mother, her husband, my uncle (who calles us the Addams Family) and his family as well as my grandfather Harry tomorrow :(

 We will celebrate the entire day at my parents in law instead, who lives much closer. We were about to celebrate the evening with them, but now they will have us for guests all day.
That means I had to go out to buy some extra food for the Christmas dinner just now. I'm SO tired...

Oh, well - time to sip some mulled wine and crush a gingerbread heart between my fangs before I hit that pile of unwrapped gifts. Then I will most surely drop dead and won't rise again until tomorrow.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas time filled with love, reasonable drinking and fantastic company. Sing a song with your old grandma or something, or make her tell you a lifestory about how she meet your grandpa. Those storys always makes me so happy. Lots of love for everyone. For those that hate Christmas (sadly many do); try to focus on the good things. If you like talking to your cousin then only think about that as the fun thing. Bad things is not worth a second of your time, you only deserve happiness; that's my wish for you <3