Sunday, October 31, 2010

Baking, making.

Me and TeeBee baked a tart case today. He's turning 4 years the 3'd of November so we're having a pre-party with our friends and their kids tomorrow. I filled the cake with whipped cream mixed with creme fraiche, a bit of orange zest and powder sugar and some cutted strawberries. It will be sooo good. Not Montignac at all I tell you!
This is TeeBee from February.
Oh, wow, I'm just so much in love with this little boy! He for sure has captivated my heart <3

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My scary clown face!

Tonight I've been hosting some Halloween crafts at my daughter Synthias school together with the other class-parents. It was lots of fun! I decided to steal my husbands scary clown look from Halloween 2005. I think I made it just as good! I was even afraid of myself!
The copy
The original
Are we not the most perfect couple you have ever seen?! <3

I forced the kids to make candy-boxes and mummy's as Halloween craft. They made them look so good. Haven't got a picture of it yet - but i do have pictures of my ghost merengues I did.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chocolate loving people

(I have been teaching a chocolate course on the evenings)
I just got back from my last chocolate course.
Aww, they were just too cute! I'm in total bliss! They said such nice words about me and gave me a flower, and I even got this years mulled whine/glühwein/glögg from two of them (that's something special here in Sweden, it's something we all look foward to; to taste the new flavour of the year. It's a big happening!).
And I who always feel like I'm so confound, not good enough and that people must think I'm so muzzy. I can't belive they missed that?!

I'm always so baffled when people says I have a delightful personality. That makes me always so happy though! I don't necessarily think they are right, but it still makes me pink and fuzzy inside.
I know people with delightful personalitys (and many of them tend to go on my chocolate courses!) and I'm not as sweet as they are - but I do have a happy soul. I always belive in smiling in my heart <3
Look what they gave me! Flowers, mulled whine and samples of tonights chocolate truffles. Thank's <3

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A new picture

Here's one more picture from yesterdays upload. Considering this was a "we-have-half-an-hour-left, lets-do-one-more-style-shoot" I think it turned out kind of okay?! I think I made the hair in 4 minutes...

TeeBee's birthday is coming up

I will buy him a Stormtrooper costume. He is SO into StarWars. He's often running around in his Darth Vader costume. One time with his lawn mower. That was the first time I've ever seen Darth doing that! Made me laught like an insane person! Totally cute though...
I'm looking to find this costume to order so I can have it until his party the 6'th of November. I should be able to find it in Sweden, right?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Two new pictures

From this summers photoshoot with Lazy Afternoon. There will be more...

Friday, October 22, 2010

This is butt!

Once again my throat is killing me! I've had this shit on/off for 2-3 weeks now. And I'm not the only one. All people is having this right now.
One winter I was sick, one way or another, for 11 (!) weeks. It ended with penicillin and a sinusitis.
I think I prefer to be down for a week and then done with it rather then having extended pain.
To help me get better I relax my eyes on some inspirational pictures that I must share :)
Can anyone see that I'm inspired by her? Perhaps I'll do an Elvira make up tomorrow..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Modelling Wade Lee today

Today I took some smashing pictures of the 4 hair bows I recieved from The House of Wade Lee!
I had 4 diffrent styles and from what I saw they turned out great. I think he will be pleased!

The photographer was also nice enough to shoot me in a BatBrat Cat Hat, so as soon I get them I'm gonna put the picture up on my and sell the 7 I have at home :) They will cost about £44/350 SEK/€38 (and freight). Here's my old picture:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fun tales of London - The Trip

Chapter 3.
Whii - up early after a bad nights sleep. Darn that ghost!
Two very tired, but very well styled girls, went to the airport in Gothenburg.
I had to be a magician and transform my kronor to pounds. This made me happy!
Happy like a rich bitch!
Those flowers in my hair made me feel like a Barbie Fairytopia Mermaid so as soon as we got to the Generator Hostel in London I had to re-style the hair. I wanted to enter London cool, and not like a mermaid...
Now we were ready to enter Camden Town with our smashing looks ;) A nice beginning on our London trip! 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Package from Wade Lee

I just recieved a big envelope in my mailbox. The package was from mr Wade Lee.
He's been sweet enough to send me some things to review, and OH MY, they are cuuuute. I will do some shoots this weekend with me wearing them as a thank you.
I just have to show you them at once! lee

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chocolate by me

Today I've been at a birthday party for my sister and my step-mum. I made them both some chocolate truffles to go with their gifts.
Jenny's chocolate (I made the box too).
Berith's chocolate
The both to the left are milk-chocolate with rum covered in dark chocolate or brown sugar, and the both to the right are dark espresso chocolate covered in milk chocolate or cacao.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Me, moping

My husband is working far, faaaaar away in the weekdays (7 hours from home) and I can tell you, this happy goth that I am is turning into a crappy goth! I, who always see the positive in life, is now moping and complayning like a true goth. I don't wanna be a bitter, mumbling goth who feels society failed me. I want my happy goth me back!! Well, I'm not there yet, I'm still a happy bastard! Can I even be bitter and moping? Hope I'll never find that one out :)
Me, moping.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fun tales of London - The Ghost

Chapter 2.
I finally arrived at my sisters apartment. It's a beautiful flat, but you can feel you don't wanna be there.
I know from before the hole damn building is haunted, and my sister have told me maaaaany scary stories about the evil ghosts in her flat. I can sure sense them!

Before bedtime she told me it happened something 1½ weeks before.
She woke up and there was a man standing between her bed and the sofa I'm about to sleep in. She got sleep paralysis (you are awake, but the body is shut down for sleep). Eventually the man faded away. She couldn't tell if he was evil or not, but she got really scared.

I'm used to lots of ghosts too and also have had sleep paralysis a couple of times so I knew what she was talking about... but I told my ghosts and spirits when I was 22 to stay away because they scared me even though they seemed nice. Since then I haven't met any (well, a warm hand on my shoulder when being at home alone doing my make up or so, but nothing scary).

We went to sleep, me in the sofa. I felt a bit worried about the ghost story and it took me a while to relax and close my eyes. Jenny went to sleep.
As I closed my eyes I saw something inside my eyes. It scared and worried me, but I thought it was because of all the ghost-talk before. I blinked it away and went to sleep.
I can tell you - it was something to worry about. This story continued 3 days later....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

So sweet!

I'm so blessed. You just can't believe the super sweet messages I sometimes get (well, I guess you can since I get them from many of you <3).
I just recieved one on Facebook where this wonderful goth girl from Wales told me I helped her to improve her personality just by being me! She even called me remarkable <3
I don't think I deserve these fantastic, wonderful words people say about me, but I am VERY honoured and feel blessed and grateful about it.
I feel so happy to know that something I've done will make someone elses day (or even life) better. It's a real WOW-factor. And I'm so happy when people take their time to tell me so. It means a lot.
I'm a big fan of happyness and being true to your spirit so I'm so happy when it rubs off.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun tales of London - The scary man

Chapter 1.
My trip to London started last Tuesday as I jumped on a train at 17:33 to my sister in Gothenburg.
The week before a girl, Elin, disappeared in Gothenburg and was found murdered the day on my arrival.
On the seat across from me a young man, 25-33 something, sat down and acted very strange, nervous. He sat and stared at himself with a smirk the whole trip, and sometimes looked at me. I decided to make it appear like I was supposed to get off on an earlier station then mine. As he sew me getting ready he went completely still then started to rub his fingers. He freaked me out!

I was about to text my husband a description of him (if I was found murdered the next morning) as I noticed he had red and black striped socks. But then I sew it was only on one foot. The other had a purple and white non striped sock. That freaked me out even more since he was far from the hip stylish guys and more of a nerd from out of town with un-hip clothes.
As he noticed me not getting off he seemed calmer, and smirked once again.

I decided to let him step out first so I started to move in one direction, as he immediately started walking that way. Then I changed ways, and he turned around and walked my way.
Out on the platform I started walking very fast with him after me. Then I suddenly stopped to fake I needed to find something in my bag. He slowed down, and I could see him getting anxious when he passed me, looking over his shoulder. I started to walk again, and made a very clear turn to show I was about to enter a store. He was just in front of me, still looking over his shoulder, and picked up on my quick direction change ways and changed ahead of me (you can understand he was wobbling all over in front of me to try to look as he was going the same direction). I walked almost up to the store, then changed again to move out of the station area. As I looked at him to let him know I new he was following me, he didn't get into the store, and just stood there. Of course he came my way again... I'm certain he's some kind of psychopath.
I gave him a good stare to really make him understand he was noticed. He was a real looser!
He finally went some other way.
I was soooo afraid he should jump on the same tram since I was supposed to walk by myself on a dark path where I never been before.
I was happy to find myself still alive as arriving to my sister Jenny.

will continue...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Back from London!

I'm physically back...but my brain is not with me yet...
Inbetween Friday and Saturday I only slept 30 minutes before being up again to 23:00..that's no good.
This is how me and my pretty sister looked at Torture Garden:
I will share more pic's and fun stuff that happened another day when my brain have catched up with me.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Finally on my way home

Leaving London...
How I miss my family! I can't wait to get back to them. I will land in Sweden tonight, but I won't get back home until tomorrow :(
And when I get home *boohoo* my husband won't be there... He work's as an consultant and will work 7 hours away from us, and he leaves before I get back even... It's so sad
But I can still kiss and hug our kids, and hug and kiss them.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Shoot with Bea Sweet

Still in London:
Oh, who have not been inspired by the wonderful make up's done by Bea Sweet and her endless range of make up on magazine covers?
Well, me for one admired her make up for years and was ever so happy when I found out we'd do a shoot together.

I'm reallt curious on how she sees me? What to do with this goth make up covered girl? Wish me luck!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Torture Garden Ball tonight!

Still in London:
If the post office did their work we will be wearing clothes sponsored by Naucler Design latex tonight. This is the dresses she made especially for us to wear. I'm gonna feel like a princess - a hot and saucy princess!
Torture Garden Ball is the event of the evening. It will be so much fun! I'm so looking foward to hang with the beautiful people tonight. I just hope I can go away from the fun in an decent hour because I will get up early for a shoot with the talented make up artist Bea Sweet tomorrow.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Freyagushi shoot today!!

Still in London:
Uhh, bit tired from the evening before, but just knowing we'll do a shoot for Freyagushi today makes me happy as a child on Christmas!
I've tried out a make up at home made from the inspirational pictures I got sent to me, so I probably look something like this right now ;)
Haha, my Kermit in the background is laughing his collar off!

And - today is my sister Jenny's birthday. Make sure to give her a congratulation since she's here in London with me!