Monday, January 23, 2012

Reader Recommendation: MandaLynn

MandaLynn was sweet enough to share this über cool dip bowl etc.
I especially like the knife with the bat handle!
If I'm ever to be stabbed by a knife, I sure hope it will be a stylish one like this.
Here's the link she sent me.
Thank's a lot MandaLynn!

Crafting: Vintage Shabby chic chair

Just before Christmas I bought an Chippendale chair for 5 sek/ $0.8 at Kupan.
I had been looking for a chair I could repaint and give to my extra mum for Christmas. I got very happy when I found this one.

I used paint wash(?) at first, then a white pre coat (ah, technical words they forgot to teach me at English grammar class).
I topped it off with 2 layers of an acrylic white paint for wood.
Let it dry for at least 24 h.
Then time to make it shabby!
Use different kinds of sandpaper to create that old, used look.

Last of all I made a transfer print for the first time of my life.

The print said:
For those that I love and a big W.