Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

39 years ago I looked like this:

This is my mother Eivor, 21 at the time, and newborn me the 5th of December 1972. Ohh, I'm so cute!

You can clearly see my Spanish heritage at my young age. I can't really see the resemblance with the grown me.

Ohh, someone is getting a bit cranky...

So, today at 08:26 AM I turned 39 years old.
And what lovely gift did I get?
This is what I got for my birthday:

a root filling!!!
It will cost me 7000 SEK/$1040 before it's done.
Not exactly what I hoped for when I woke up this morning..

Todays make up in progress II

My crazy blush from Make Up Store: Chic is now added. Brows scetched, eyeshadow lightly contured and thin eyeliner from earlier.

Todays make up in progress

I'm slowly getting there. Just added my favorite lipstick Max Factor 815. On with the eyes..