Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My egg cookies! They do look almost like the real thing, don't they?
Easy to make too. I made some extras to Fairlight's 5'th birthday coming up in 1½ week. I usually serve 7 kinds of cookies/pastries for birthdays. Is that a swedish thing or do you have the "7-cake-rule" in other countries too??
I'm gonna buy some paint for this evenings easter crafting at school. I'm a classparent. Also I have to bake something...I will try to make some egg-looking cookies.
I hope I remember to take pictures!

Also I will have a meeting with those important business men later. I do not know what to expect - or what they expect from me?! I just hope they like the Adora-shimmer of bats :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

I was searching for some corset tips when I stumbled over this picture. My God I hope my corsets doesn't make my ass look that big! In Sweden big asses is NOTHING to wish for.
But theese are absolutely something to wish for! Wow, I must try making them sometime. Corset cookies <3 Perhaps they will give you a big ass?
My new video is up! It's only 1 minute, but still...
Check it out!
Crap! I was about to post my new video on youtube - and that function was down for maintenance at the moment :( Will have to wait till tomorrow

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New youtube video

Today I'm making a new youtube video. A VERY short one about the Anadin Brothers style. You already know it - but I want all goths to acknowledge their style. Perhaps that can buy me some time to finish my next craft video that is only half done...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

And for my husband I'm gonna buy this from H&M.
It's a nice shirt for him to wear at work.
Can be bought here at H&M's onlineshop.
Just re-colored my hair. Gonna cut the bangs as hair is dry.
Then some time in front of the mirror to create todays face.
Out on town to buy a present to my dad. He wants a shortsleeved shirt with a pocket. The pocket is to keep his cigarettes in. I do not like when people smokes. It smells bad and make your face look older then you are. And it shortens his life..
I found this nice white shirt, shortsleeved - with a front pocket, with small black stars 0,5 centimeters scattered and in small groups. It looks really cool, and a bit trendy.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The sneak-listening of my commercial is to be found on my Facebook. I couldn't get it posted here...
Adora BatBrat's facebook
Tonight I'm gonna post a sneak-listerning of my commercial-song :) It's so sad you can't hear the whole song, it's kind of cool :)

Crane Day

The 25'th of March is the day Jesus mum Mary got notice from the archangel Gabriel that she was pregnant.
BUT today is also Crane Eve (tranafton), a folk-way from my home landscape. In the old times the kids ran barefoot (run crane) over 7 grounds and 9 dungheaps on the Crane eve. The saying is that if you do you will have a healthy summer and won't get snakebites.

"The crane brings light to bed" - you should go to bed while it was still light out and you no longer lit candles or used electricity in the evening.

The kids could dress up as cranes and go around sneaking crane cards to the neighbours. Also they painted cards of cranes to put on the window so the crane knew where to give gifts.

We celebrated by running barefoot 3 times around the playground. Then we painted pictures of the crane that we put on to the window. Then the kids hang their panyhose on the sofa. Tonight the crane will come and put presents and/or candy in them. When they wake up they can see his footprints and some feathers. It's very exiting for them! This is how I celebrated as a kid.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Todays cute Adora compliment

By Methodis Kokkinos Potseplis

Vince Festival

Just back from a meeting with the museum about the price on renting the yard for the Vince Festival (an electro festival in the spirit of image in honour of Vince Clarke, the starter of Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Erasure amongst others). The festival runs only on culture contributions, so we need everything to be as cheap as possibly. I hope they will be as fair as they can. They both seemed very nice and helpful.

On the way back I just happened to pass a store I've never seen before, I went inside and found a store with dreads, jewellery and some other stuff that can be helpful at the festival. The girl seemed very interested in participating and selling her stuff in the area. I told her that of cause I need to point out on what to sell at an electro festival :) I felt the need since there was a LOTS of hardrock stuff - and that can't come near an electro festival! She was very understanding and sweet. Hopefully I will have her at the festival! Nice :)

Other good thing: the people who's to sell alcohol and food to the guests had nothing against wearing totally black clothing for the festival (I had it as an request). She even said: "you can put make up on us as well!" She should think that I might just take her up on that! To say that to me can be dangerous! :)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Today I've felt sick of my hair. About 4 month ago I got hair panic and it ended up with me cutting the top layer about 15 centimeters!! I regretted it 2 seconds this time I didn't do that.
During the winter I could hide under my cat hat, but now it's almost spring and I can't hide any more. I just made a couple of quotes on long DE dreads in puple and white. Perhaps that can solve my hair problem :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just got back from the studio. I hope I didn't kill Wallan's ears... One song for the festival is now done. Only some mixing left. AND the commercial is done! I'm gonna play it for the company-people next week. Hope they like it!
Sometimes I get business proposals at youtube: "Can you put this link in your movies for money?" I always look at it, but so far noone had any luck.
This weeks must have been the funniest ever! I almost laughed my eyebrows off!
They said it was a link to different products that would suit my clientel. When I opened the link it was TANNING PRODUCTS!!! What goth person needs that!?
Started off by re-coloring my hair soft purple as the purple is part of my world domination. Then I shut up. Today I'm going into the studio, so I need to save my voice. I sing SOOO bad, but hey, singer Bernard Sumner of New Order has no voice of an angel either....

Also, this Thursday when I had that important company meeting that went really well I made up a song on the way home, so I need to do that one too. It's a commercial song :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

My Exhibit:

The first draft to the poster (there will be 3 different) is out! And yes, it's me on the picture...but I had to add some butt and tits, butt and tits, butt and tits.
This picture was taken 2001 at a fantastic Karl Bartos (of Kraftwerk) concert in Malmoe, Sweden. Oh, I was so pretty then <3

Weekly style: Siobhan of Shakespears Sister

Who'd know that death is a drop dead gorgeaous goth girl! I love her dolly style with the corkscrew curls and her freaky ways <3

The BatBrat Company

So...tonight I had a very important meeting.
I've been on evening courses on how to start your own company, and tonight we could get our ideas tested in front of a "jury" to see if we needed to change anything, get feedback or get killed and put in a coffin and buried 10 feet down, then got stomped on and shoot two times in the heart. Fortunally for me the last thing didn't happen! But being goth, that would have been fine too ;)

All day I've tried to be a good student and write my project plan, but the kids was tossing balloons in my face, playing harmonica and making problems in general so I couldn't for 1 second concentrate on my presentation. Good start - not!

Ran to the meeting, let all the other people go first while I sat down in a corner trying to staighten out how to explain my idea. I was the last one in. Secret stuff secret stuff secret stuff secret stuff secret. Needless to say I walked home with a BIG smile on my face. Even made up a song. I will have a new meeting with 2 of the guys next week. I also had another business idea - and I'll have a meeting next week with the other person on that idea. 2010 IS ADORA BATBRAT's YEAR! Of cause I'll tell you the secret stuff soon, but I don't wanna jinx it! I thanked God/Goth as the good Christian I am. Whopeedoo <3

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Weekly style: Siobhan of Shakespears Sister

This was what you all of a sudden was confronted with when looking at the rather dull, but beautiful video "Stay". All of a sudden this freaky, superpretty goth portraying death went on the TV.
Whoa! I've loved the video ever since....but now thanks to youtube I can go directly to the part where she is singing and skip the other parts.

Since we're only interested in style here we screw the person behind it all. The Style is just what we want. But still, some personal stuff can be mentioned.
She was prior to this look a "normal" pretty girl who sang pop with a very famous band at the time (Bananarama). Later marries Dave Stewart of Eurythmics and then forms Shakespears Sister.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Oh, I'm so sorry I missed out on weekly style this week. I had one special girl on my mind, but somehow I didn't find the time *poop* I thought noone would notice - but you sure did!

To show my remorse I can give you some good news! This jacket I'm wearing is once again sold at the H&M Run to the closest store to get one. It's not on the online shop yet - why, I don't know? Please go out and buy it so we can all be twins!

They do have this one online though. I bought it in white (that's not in the onlineshop either - strange?). My husbands comment "-Why on earth did you buy a WHITE jacket - you only wear black anyway...?" He's right...but perhaps I can swallow my "cool-factor" one day and dress in white. I like that too actually, but I do feel the cool-factor dropping on such a day...

Saturday, March 13, 2010

How do I get so pale colors?

Saturdays is always cutting the bangs for me. And re-coloring my hair. For the moment I use Directions "Violet" and blend it with my conditioner to get the right nuance.  It's about half a teaspoon to a handfull of conditioner, and I keep it in for 15 minutes. That's another Adora secret served for you.
Be nice little bats and tell noone ;)

I'd rather prefer to have green hair right now, but the purple hair is part of my world dominating.
It will all be clearer to you later...
I have big plans ahead, and a purple head is part of that plan, so I'll have to bare with it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Yesterday I went through my town carrying these 26 baloons. I "think" I got stared on more than usual...

My kids went totally wild. I got many mommy-points!

Being the last customer have it's benefits :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Exhibit:

Me and my friend is having a 3 weeks long exhibition at the museum. It's quite a big deal!
Yesterday I was in the artgallery to do measurements, some thinking and to meet the art administrator.
It was a very good meeting and I'm so exited!
Now it's big work ahead, many to contact and stuff to gather so we can have a nice vernissage on the 15'th of May.

What it's about? The Industrial goths, called "synthare" in Sweden, is in the spotlight. We focus on the years 1980-96 when electro music was huge here. Mostly it's about locals who were active in the subculture.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Weekly style: The Anadin Brothers

I forgot to post this, but this is me trying to be the best Anadin Brother as I can. I really liked being one of them. I have always kept them close to my heart, but I didn't know it should be like 24 years before I wore their make up! I felt really pretty <3 They are a true inspiration.

Monday, March 8, 2010

You are so pretty!

One thing that stikes me is how beautiful my followers are! I must have the most gorgeous people alive in here. I feel like I'm in very good company :) I'd like to be in a party with all of you pretties, all together! I really hope some of you will end up at this M'era Luna (Hildesheim, Germany). I will make a meeting point and a time for both Saturday and Sunday for the ones going there. So check in the week before travelling to Germany to find out where :)

My pretty sister will of cause be there with me <3

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Currently working on my booklet for the course "Delicious Truffles" I'll be holding on Tuesday. Looks nice so far :)
This girl is calling it a night.
Tomorrow I'll be a good girl and post some pic's from tonights party - AND the pictures I made while wearing The Anadin Brothers make up. It came out very good! I liked it much better then last weeks style - Morticia Addams. But that's just because I like wearing a kilogram of make up! :*

Weekly style: The Anadin Brothers: VIDEO

It's not possible to be any cuter then Colette and Wendy! I'm in love...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Adora is out for shopping

Out for some shopping with my adorable daughter Fairlight.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekly style: The Anadin Brothers: GOSSIP

The gorgeous girs left the band in the mid-Nineties.
Colette is now a yoga teacher and works as a body double in films for the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow (wow - she must have a fab body!). Wendi is the "Doctor's" wife and gave birth to their four kids.

Friday: Funeral

Today I'm on my grandma (dads mum) Viola's funeral :(
Unfortunately I never met her that often since my parents split up when I was 3 years, and I only visited my dad every second weekend, and we rarely went to see his parents who lived outside of town.

But my memories of her is she was a kind person with a soft smile on her, had a wonderful name (our daughter Synthia is named Viola in second name), loved purple and always wore amber jewels. She was a diabetic so she baked this kind of soft pretzel with low sugar. I baked them the day after she died, and we decided to name them Viola Pretzels forever after. She had a good life with grandpa, who died about 2 years ago. My father and his wife was with her when she silently passed away and that really makes it feel better. I know she could feel their love <3

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weekly style: The Anadin Brothers: HISTORY

Anadin is a brand of painkillers sold in the UK.
According to what I've found their make up is "kabuki" make up. Kabuki is the highly stylized classical Japanese dance-drama. Kabuki theatre is known for the stylization of it's drama and for the elaborate make-up. Kabuki is sometimes translated as "the art of singing and dancing".

According to Wikipedia "Their unique performances were extremely well synchronised and featured highly characteristic moves, these were influenced by the fact that the duo had previously competed together as synchronised swimmers". Well, what do you know!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wednesday: at the Childrens Hospital in Lund with Fairlight to check on her disease JDM.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekly style: The Anadin Brothers

"The Anadin Brothers" were the girls Colette Appleby and Wendi West; back up singers and dancers of "Doctor and the Medics" (the real stars of the band if you ask me). I wanted to be them.
Here in white hair:
I saw them at a TV live show in the mid 80's and they were a total WOW-factor to me! Two fab goth girls with long, black hair to their knees and heavy bangs. The make up was total white with lots of black around the eyes and 3 long black stripes from their eyes to their chin almost. They had a Morticia rip-off dress in white. I often think about them. They have always been my inspiration on to think that make up should not only be around the eyes, but can be used in the whole face. I'm a total fan!
Puh, just got back! I've been to swim school with my kids, then straight to a 4 hour class about starting a company. Tonight was a very interesting class, mainly about economi, and I love that!
Now I'm gonna eat some brie and finn crisp - fibre and fat!

Before bedtime I'm gonna reveal this weeks style.


Lunch should be the days fattest meal (I follow the fat and fibre-version most. There is one carbohydrate and fibre too - with absolutely NO fat!).
I'm on Phase 1 so I don't eat that much fat. Here's mine today.

Lemon marinated salmon and schrimps, avocado, finn crisp with brie and one hard bread with butter and eggs, and 3 deciliters of water.


20 minutes before every meal eat some fruit (apple, pear, berries, kiwi).
Why? By eating it before a meal, it raises your blood sugar level and will not give you the blood fall after the meal - the one that makes you go and put your hand in the cookie jar!

I'm hooked on Fuji apples. And since they are humungous I only eat 1/4.

BatBrat's gone fat!

I've lived a bit too good lately so it's time to shape up. At my age it goes fast downhill....
My scale pointed on 54,6 kilos Friday! Mercy, mercy me. I cant weigh over 53, then nothing in my wardrobe fits. I'm having trouble now, and is searching for stretch.

It's time for some hard-Montignac!