Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Special: Iva Insane

Someone is getting one year older tomorrow *hint hint*
Twenty four years old! How the h*ll could the time slip
away THAT fast?! It doesn't feel like it was long time ago
since I played with Barbies, My little ponies, Turtles and
got my first homework from school.
I have been doing a lot of things since I was born, but I want
to do at least as much before I'm turning to an old hag with
wrinkles and grey hair.
I finished the public school and the Upper secondary school
superbly, I won the Swedish championship for hairdressers and
represented Sweden in the European professional mastership,
I have won the Swedish and European hair-competitions
a couple of times, Started a successful limited company....
It can be a long list, but in this writing moment I notice
that my life only deals with my career and success. I actually
think it's a good thing that I start to care about my own

If I dream away and plan my birthday as I wish
I would have spend a free day from work together with someone
I loved. It had been lovely to wake up with a kiss and get
fresh coffee served.
I had enjoyed an interesting documentary at the television
meanwhile I'm having breakfast, take a walk in the yellow
leaves outside, going to a museum or a place I've never been
to before, go to the cinema, have a coffee at a cosy café and
been eating at a restaurant together in the evening.
I know that my birthday not gonna be as the one I dream of
since I don't have any boyfriend who can kiss me and wake me up
in the morning, They don't show any nice documentaries at television
at Saturday mornings and nobody can take me to a new place right now.
However, I'm not disappointed that my twenty-fourth birthday
not will be as the one I dream of. (I can save it until I'll
turn twenty-five instead *giggles*)

My plans for tomorrow is to wake up and having a nice breakfast,
Go to the gym for a gym class, do some shopping and buy a new
camera (So I can update my blog with both pictures and videos)
Visiting the science fiction exhibition who take place here in Gothenburg
this weekend, maybe take a cup of coffee in town and later have some
dinner together with my mum who's here for visit.
The last two years I've been in London at that time my birthday
comes off, and I'm sure you know how fun I had at last years
trip to England together with Adora?!
We experienced so many fun things together,we were the most
handsome couple at Torture Garden and besides that it came up
a girl to me when we did some shopping in Camden town and
congratulated me at my birthday (She was a subscriber to my
sisters blog, and had seen it was my birthday. Thanks sweetheart!)

This year wish-list looks like:
* Find a lamp with a spirit in who can give me 3 wishes that comes true
* Meet a "superhandsomeandsweet" boy who can be my future boyfriend.
*Win a big amount of money so I can buy my own co-operative apartment.
* Get more than 24 hours each day.

(Okay, I know that this dreams not will come true tomorrow so I'm
giving you my material-list as well)

- A new camera that I can take photos and make some videos with.
- A Jigsaw-doll.
- All stuff with Jack Skellington and Edward Scissorhands.
- Pictures made by the great artist Mark Ryden.
- A black tiara and other hair-accessories.
- A sweater for Ingela to have at winter-time.

Love/ Iva Insane

Friday thoughts

Friday is like THE best day of the week, don't know why, but my body can feel it - and no, it's not alcohol related!
I have not had a drink since M'era Luna festival in the beginning of August (I think).
-Why is that Adoooora? You got a bit too much, ey?
- Hell no, but I see no reason randomly drinking. I'm super happy sober!! But a sip of wine wouldn't hurt,
So, flying to London next week with the cutest sister in the world (inside and out), Iva Insane. I'm so looking forward to it - but I'm feeling so stressed. Why, stupid?
I wanna look my best for London, so I need to do something about the hair and I'm thinking about making some dreads so I can have dread falls again (been ages ago),
but I still wanna have my ordinary (boring) hairstyle, just hanging about so I'll probably make dreads that easily removes. I will probably end up looking like a troll, but I'll give it a shot! I will be a cute troll.
What more - jacket? I want to goth one up and make it pretty, pretty, and custum Adora, kind of.
And stupid London weather - all week it's been 24-28 degees Celsius and next week 13-16 degrees. WTF!! I'm not okay with that...

What more to prepare: Gonna bleach and color my hair (still green and silver), print out loads of paper on where to go.
And I have a big poster to make since me and my friend L is entering a contest here at home. We have had like NO time to do it, so we probably will not win. But you at least gotta try! In my head we have already won. Oh yeah!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


4 members of the BatBrat family has been submitted to disease.
There is only one survivor in this game - me!
This gives 3 possible forecasts:
  1. In my long life I have already been exposed to this bug and is now immune.
  2. The bug is awaiting it's worst time possible to struck and will enter as I get on that plane to London making my visit not so fun.
  3. I am in fact a real vampire and can't be contaminated by bacterias.
I hope for either number 1 or 3.
Fairlight went first, then TeeBee, then Synthia and my husband almost the same time. There's been fever and puking all around here.
And I was supposed to go on a 3 hour drive to get to a fabric fair with my sweet husband today, but he had a lot of fever and was nauceous and I could have forced him, because he's a good husband and would have been fine with puking in a plastic bag in the car for the next 3 hours to make me happy, but I played the "good-wife" card and hopefully that will give me something good in the end.
I tend to like diamonds ;)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Todays outfit

My hat week continues!

I'm wearing a hat made of designer Ruby Rouge of London. It was a custum made gift <3
Hat is a perfect goth item. Most of us have pretty, pretty well designed hats - but we rarely take them for a stroll. Poor things.
All beautiful and noone to admire them.

When I have newly colored hair I don't want to wear crowns or hats, because I want people to see the perfect result, but as the growth keeps showing, the more I tend to wear stuff in the hair.
Hats are just delightful and covers up a nasty growth so you can wait another two weeks to bleach.
I should bleach every 6'th week, but I always try to wait until 8 weeks have passed by, just to be nice to the hair.
And having an official hat week is just so smart (I'm so smart, I'm so clever), because now many of them comes to use a bit more often than just a few times a year. Whihooo, my hats says!

And yes, I know I should paint my neck as well to avoid this "mime-face", but I don't really give a rats ass. I want to be pale in the face, that's it. I do think people might have an idea about the fact I'm not really that pale anyway, so I have no urge to try and fool them. Otherwise I'd have to cover my whole body in make up since I'm often wearing less clothes.
Lovely fingerless gloves with a heart shaped hole. Swedish E-Bay.
I love heartsy stuff!
What is this for a stupid burlesque pose? I'm goth, God dammit!
Fantastic necklace by Pinkabsinthe $25.00. Buy here.
Hat: Ruby Rouge (she's no longer active as a designer. So sad...)
Necklace: Pinkabsinthe at (lots of fab things)
Lace linen and shorts from H&M ages ago
Stockings: German Stockings from BatBrat webshop $18

Monday, September 26, 2011

My Music Monday: Nitzer Ebb

As I was getting to know more people in the electro genre the next step was to listen to this other english band with a total unique and agressive sound.
Exactly what you needed when you were an angry teen (I was never that angry..).
The songs were built on repeating, shouting, moaning and pounding things as hard as you could.
This was EBM - Electronic Body Music.
Of course I'm talking about Nitzer Ebb.
Adding a total new look on how a synthare (electro kid) should look they won a huge crowd in my town (as in all of Sweden). Depeche Mode that was considered to be dark, black and hard all of a sudden sounded like a church choir in comparison.
This was sooo cool!

Memorizing the lyrics was easy, shouting is what a teen does best, and lurking about in shorts, linen, suspensers (up or down) and 10 eye doc's on your feet was all you needed to nail the Nitzer Ebb look.
The real invited also had on a pair of pilot glasses, undercut (well, most had it anyway since it was the Depeche Mode hairstyle as well) and stopped wearing make up (too bad..).
This was very masculine and rough - no UCG here!
Playing the record That Total Age made my mum not so happy. She acctually liked Depeche Mode and had no problem with me listerning to the records over and over and over.
But when she heard singer Douglas of Nitzer Ebb singing "Fire, fire, fire, aughh!" She ran up to my room and told me I could not listen to music where they sang they were about to kill people!
I tried to smooth it over saying they sang about fire "fire". And burning churches...don't think that had the right effect.. thus was I forbidden to listen to Nitzer Ebb when they were at home. Bummer.....
A few of the girls in my crowd had the cool undercut, but not me, I was far too skinny to wear my hair like that. And after having boy-short hair since I was a child I had finally started to grow it out and had decided on to grow it as long as I could. Think I succeeded :)
1988, when I went to my first concert ever, the one with Depeche Mode - almost as if you can't believe it, but Nitzer Ebb was their support!
It was so agressive and mind blowing it was a hard act to follow for Depeche Mode. But Depeche Mode was best.
Last time Depeche Mode played here in Sweden (2009) they also had Nitzer Ebb as support, and this time I think Nitzer Ebb kicked the shit out of Depeche Mode!

I did miss out on a few Nitzer Ebb's concerts but I always got the full story afterwards, who f*cked Douglas, who did Bon...  ;) What can I say, it was the 80's!

I've seen them lots of times since and they have always served first class EBM and Douglas is a very good performer. You can't take the eyes out of him when he moves around, he's got some very signature moves. I had the fortunate to talk with him after a concert 2009 and he was SO nice - and he still looked as if he was in his 20's.

Highlight moment:
seeing them play at the M'era Luna festival 2008 when Douglas came out wearing this (hot) outfit and for a few seconds I had to fix something with my camera, and when I looked up again his shirt was missing (!), but he still had the leather band on (what the hell is it called in english? Help, please).
Amongst Swedish synthare this is considered a very hot look, and we do like the fashion of military uniforms (without any political activity to it), me included.
I have never had a party without a Nitzer Ebb song. It's a must. They are still going SO BRIGHT, SO STRONG.
And yeah, my husband's got a perfect Nitzer Ebb tattoo <3 I just loooove it, and want one for myself, but it will look stupid if we both had the same tattoo, like some kind of trailer people.
A very typical Nitzer Ebb song that will get any party started:
This is one of my favorites: Lightning Man

Todays outfit

This is hat week! I like any reason to wear hats, and having a nasty growth is as good as any. I will be a total UCG in my little hats all week. Here's the pillarbox with spangles from H&M.

I'm sneaking around like a spy
 It feels funny around the buttons, it tickles me
 Didn't it get cold all of a sudden?
 Ahhgg! Scary shit! My jacket disappeared out of the blue! Huh?
Shoes from China
Skirt: altered by me
Top and linen: H&M as Cubus
Gloves: Lindex
Face: me

London plans

A week and 2 days left until I leave for London!!!
Today I was searching for something to do at night when attending this fun city.
I came across Tortue Garden we visited last year and found this picture of us:
All I can think about when seeing this picture is *hahaha* the fact that my sister's not wearing any panties! We had a blast at that the whole evening, joking around she's being like Britney Spears or getting pregnant just by sitting down, or that I could smell shrimps "Oh, it's just you".
She was so afraid the pantie monster would show on the pics :)
But no, she was shy this evening!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Me and Celebrities

Spot the celebrity!
This is what I found coming out from the boys room at Berlin club K17, 2006 01 05.
He was both cuter and shorter than I thought. Very nice too (at least by that evening).
One of us looks super-duper cuddly and the other one as well!..

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Special: Iva Insane

I've seen that a lot the people who read my blog thinks that Sweden is a lovely country because it's accepted to have your own style, without other people says mean things about you.
Sorry to say it... but you're so wrong!

I don't think it's any country where you can be yourself on the street and don't meet people who's stare at you or give you lowered comments.
It's still wierd for them to not wanna "fit in" and be like other "normal" persons, and I'm afraid it will stay that way.

I've never become sad or angry about the (not so friendly) comments I get from people everyday. Why should they direct me how to look, when I don't care about their ugly jeans!? It's up to them what to wear as long I don't need to put those pants over my legs and little butt ;)
I was hoping that more girls and boys would see through my (and all other goths) make up and accept me as the person I am. I don't need to be a devil worshiper just because I wear black clothes all the time, right?

I'm living in the second biggest city in Sweden, but it makes nothing better.
Folks here can be really evil and yelling at me on the streets as well. Most of the time I ignore what they're saying, and just thinking "Haha, you never know when you need a haircut next time and book a appointment at my salon " *evil grin*
It's for your own good that you stay nice and friendly to me so not any "accident" will happen ;)
" I've got the same skills as Benjamin Barker ;)"

Next time someone debases you, try to say something back that they not expect (in a friendly way), and I'm sure they will be very surprised and keep their mouths shut.

I wanna see more friendly and happy goths out there! Cheer up EMO-kids ;)

Love/ Iva Insane

Adora here!
Thank's again pretty sister for your wonderful thoughts. And might I add; you look SO astonishing on this picture!

But I will have to disagree though. I mostly get sweet comments! So the people who writes in your blog and thinks Sweden is a lovely country to be alternative in have probably been told that by me! :)
Both kids and elderly ladies seems to have a flair for me :)
Sure, I've had my fair share of the "Is it Halloween already?", "Look at that witch" and other not so innovative sentences from those common people without imagination, but all in all I get many, many more compliments on my look in a positive way than the other way around.
Mostly kids and women, especially elderly women, seems to like my style and give me sweet smiles and telling me they light up when they see me and that they used to be a rebel (?) too in younger days. Haha, well, I can't really agree on being a rebel of any kind, I'm just born like this, but if it makes them happy to think I have an agenda with my look, let them think so :)

But I have to agree with my sister on one point. A bigger city is worse!
In my town with about 70 000 residents I don't cause that much commotion (well, not that I pay attention to anyway), but when I travel to bigger cities like Stockholm, Malmoe and Gothenburg people just walk into each other/lamp posts and straight into doors because they can't stop staring!!!

I'm not offended by the staring because I understand.
I am a rare thing to be seen, almost fictional looking, and I would probably stand and stare at myself with my mouth open if I ever saw me out in the streets. I tend to stare at alternatives, other beautiful people and extremly ugly people. And as long as I'm a starer myself I can't really complain.

BUT I've been a real bitch too.
Many years ago two teens were standing in front of me in a queue (we were the only ones) as one of the boys said, you know, bit too loud to make sure I heard it: "God dammit she's ugly."
Then I took a step forward, leaned over him and said:
"-You will look very ugly with my footprint on your face?"
I thought he might have pooped in his pants a bit because he and his friend immediately begged for forgiveness and said it was just kidding around.
I let them off with a warning!

I had a very wicked tongue as a teen too, so wicked that people only tryed once to be nasty, because I was soooo evil in my reply back I think I might have given them all hang ups for life ;)
It worked out fine! I just pointed out their "faults!; a curved nose, sleepy eyes, ugly teeth, big ears, fat ass (I have always been able to pull out the "fat-card" because I'm skinnier then most and to say something about a girls weight always hits hard),
I've done other stupid things too, but I'm not gonna say. In short I was no angel.

But then I changed and started to meet evil with a smile, so when someone out on town called me a witch I just walked up to them and asked them to repeat what they said and tells them it's very un-polite to say something like that about someone you don't know, and that it's better to try being nice.
They get very chocked when I'm answering nicely.
I'm better then them!


I'm having two kids down with fever :(
Fairlight and TeeBee is not on top today, and that is so sad because we had a Friday surprise planned for them, and on Saturday we'll go to a water park again.
I'm so hoping they will feel better tomorrow...
Me tired of all care taking, must sleep.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Adora BatBrat having party

I am so not the fastest person in the world, but this video is from October 2009.
Better late then never...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

M'era Luna festival 2011 - Day 2, part 1

Got up, all feeling just as happy as usual.
Put on our game faces, and some kind of clothes.
We had no special outfit for Day 2, just to be mostly black to wash off that unfaithfulness of wearing white yesterday.
Is it party yet?
Wonderfully beautiful Hanna and her sweet mum Marion came for a visit.
Our favorite Italians. So cool looking and so friendly :)
Our favorite Swedes! Crazy but kind of cute :)
Day 2, part 2 will follow.

My Music Monday: Depeche Mode part II

Follow up from My Music Mondays: Depeche Mode.

I spend the whole summer listening to my Depeche Mode cassette.
My favorite song were (still is on the top list):
I can't believe how good this song is on my ears still.

I've wanted to wear make up since I was 7 I think, but the mother forbid it.
In the 6'th degree I actually wanted to wear make up so badly I painted on black lines on the outer side of the eyes with a felt pen when I got to school...

Well, for some reason I figured out the style of a "synthare" (that's what electro goths are called in Sweden), don't ask me how, but I understood that black was the thing that made me a real synthare.
I also bleached my hair, by this time cut like Annie Lennox.
By this time many people told me I looked a lot like her, and I can't say it hurted to hear :D
You might not know how I look with eyebrows, but this picture just underneath is very close to the original.
I so wish I had pictures to show you, but when I was a teen there were no digital cameras and taking pictures with a regular and develop them costed a fortune at the time. I do have pic's somewhere (paper copys) and if I ever find them I will make sure to share :)

Finally, when entering the 7'th Degree, I was allowed to wear make up, and I started off with just a little black on the water line the first day, and then I added some more every day untill I had white powder, blue rouge and black lips and black eyes. Now the me I've always been was born!

I had the fortune of growing up in the 80's when there were no limits, no shames, and being spectacular was hoorayed upon. Everyone was their own superstar with elaborate hairstyles and make up.

I immediately moved on to new friends in my parallel classes, all dressed in black and with the same music interests as me: Depeche Mode and Boy George (NOT electro music, but I LOOOOOVED him!!! He's my make up hero in my young years).

I've always knew I wasn't like everybody else, and now I felt like I found my klan. The one place where I was considered "normal". It was a wonderful time.
We formed a big girl group with 7-14 girls hanging out together, buying records, shopping for make up and black clothes, buying fabric and tried to alter and make our own outfits (that was only sold in Stockholm and Malmö at the time), and having dinner parties.
NO drinking and NO drugs (I've never tried drugs even!!! Unless my doctor prescribed me after some surgery), we were very proper and UCG-like :)

1988, I was 15, me and two of my best friends went to Gothenburg to see Depeche Mode play at their Music for the Masses tour. When they played:
we were in extacy! It was all so surreal! My first concert ever and it was a Depeche Mode concert in a full Scandinavium (the arena).
All the guests were looking so cool, and I fell in love with every boy with make up and high, black hair I saw.

Darn, this Depeche Mode love story will never end, since it's just a fantastic band...but I have to say I do NOT like their "newer" sound where they use live drums and guitarrs, that's just not what I signed up for....

Depeche Mode will always be my house Gods and have a HUGE impact on my life <3
I've been to every tour they've had in Sweden ever since, all super, except the last one.
It was awful and I felt very sad after since it was so much "rock" and not so much synth.
All my friends I have is because of Depeche Mode as well as my husband, so you see, I have DM to thank for a lot!
Here's another favorite:
I could ramble on for ever about the impact Depeche Mode had on my life, but I think you've got the general idea.

Monday, September 19, 2011

London memories

It's almost been a year since me and pretty sister Iva Insane were in London spooking it up.
And we are going back for more so the memories are piling up...
Here's some shoots from the club night at Torture Garden:
Adora BatBrat
I really liked this look, although it feels so wierd with these "normal" brows.
I look like a Neanderthal, but slightly cuter and less hairy.

The finished product:
(we are being sponsored by Naucler Design's latex)
The Symmetry of Beauty
The Beauty of Symmetry

Sunday, September 18, 2011

In the studio: Black Religion

In the car over. Fairlight and Synthia are hilarious!
Been to the studio at my friends house to sing in a new version of Black Religion.
I'm supposed to sing it together with my sister, but since she couldn't this time, I did the whole shebang and she'll just do her parts later.
Man - I sing badly! I have the strangest voice, or as my darling husband says: "You don't have a nice voice, but it's kind of cool."
I can live with that...
My sister on the other hand has got a very nice and soft voice.

Inbetween verses I made a "Today's outfit" shoot.
I got asked how come my pictures can't be magnified anymore - and I must say it baffles me as well.
I have no idea what changed? I must have done something wrong. Ideas, anyone?