Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Home styling: Tile decore

On my lunch hour I had some time left so I finally could put up my tile decor I bought at Lagerhouse, Sweden.

Looks so much better!

The turquoise tile is also new, you can see there is a difference between that and the blue from before.

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Adora BatBrat's tattoo: The sight by Front 242

One of my house Gods - Front242:

My tattoo on my right arm is a simplified picture from the maxi single of this song, called "Tyranny for you".
Why: Because I LOVE Front 242, and I am the tyrann of my husband ;)
and this sight is the prettiest picture I've ever seen <3
Beneath is the simplified version I made for my arm:
This tattoo is by far my favorite. I almost drool on myself when I see it! Oh yeah!

Montignac Method: Forenoon break

This is one example of what I have on my forenoon break:
mild tea and blue cheese.

And as usual you can have as much as you need to feel content.

A small tips for the upcoming beach season (well covered in both sunblock and umbrellas, of course).

V-logg: New tattoo unrevealed!

I can't belive I forgot to share this on my blog!!
Someone please spank me for my bad behaviour.