Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Me in black hair

Some people have asked about pictures of me in black hair. And I aim to be sweet and nice so I found a few.
I have never colored my hair black for real (I've almost always been blonde) but I have used black hairspray, Directions semi-color Ebony and black homemade dreads.
All pictures are from 2005-2006 when I'm pregnant with Fairlight, then TeeBee..
Synthia and me. Fairlight is in tummy.
Unfortunately my face look so bony with it and I don't think I look as good in black hair as others. But I looove black hair on both girls and boys - it's totally hot!
By Henrik Pilerud.
The more socially accepted Betty Page-look was good when I was pregnant since I was always feeling sick and could not bare to stand in front of the mirror as long as usual...
Uh, it scares me how rockabilly I look! The look is cute, but it's not just for me.
Me and my husband renewed out wedding vows on our 8'th anniversary :)
 On top of hair my real color (bit black spray in fringe). This is how Directions Ebony will turn out when I wash it to make it ready for a new color.
At a cousins wedding <3 (homemade dress)
I have a black fringe.