Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Adorable Heart blouse...

I went to the pattern maker this morning. She already made a pattern and sew a (better) copy of my blouse. It fitted like a second skin! She did a great job!

She also helped me out on what clothes to have on my sample collection. She was so incredible helpful.
Now we have 4 full sets containing both blouse and skirt.
Time to order som fabrics I think.
She also thought I'd make a corset (waspie) for the collection.
I have thought about it before, and people have asked me, but I'm doubtfull because there are so many super-talanted corset designers out there already - how could I ever make a better one...

(Corset: Maya Hansen)
Well, the best thing about my collection is that it's only black on black.
That might be vain, but I will only make things I myself would wear on a daily basis, and I do not wear color 99% of the time.