Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I: Pose nude

"-It's just flesh.", is how I answered the question on national TV once when asked about posing nude on pictures in the 1990's.
A 1920's inspired shoot in year 2000. Me age 28. Fresh like a flower!

I had the fortune to grow up in the 1980's, an era when individualism was encouraged, when noone wore a top on their bikini going to the beach, when homosexuality never raised an eyebrow and self-fulfilling was considered a good thing.
(What the hell happened since then???)

Boobies on the beach
Back to the boobies on the beach. My fav.
It was so common not wearing a top to the bikini you never even thought about it being shameful or sexual. It was just a part on ones body. "It's just flesh."
There were breastfeeding mothers, grandmothers, teens like me, 20-year olds, 30-year olds, well; everyone.
I can never even remember seeing someone WITH a top on, that would have felt so weird.
We were shown not to be embarassed of our bodys or breast shapes. I've seen all shapes and it's so beautiful - the straightback proudness in how we loved our bodys, not just the breasts themselves.
(Again - What the hell happened since then???)

I have always loved my body, even though it's probably not considered the ultimate body - but for me it is. It's mine, and I love myself, I'd never be embarassed about something so common like a body - we all have bodys, we are all naked under our clothes.

It IS just flesh!