Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cat Show

Porsche and I got the cage next to a lovely lady, C, who actually had a kitten from Porsche (real name S*Bergbackens Mangas Poseidon), a pretty Seychellois named S*Tetrafelines AbraCadabra (Fiffi).

But she was not there for the show. 
Instead C brought with her 2 of the most lovely orientals ever seen. One of them competed in Porsches category (seen with Porsches daughter on top), and for the first time I thought this would be a tough match!

Porsches competitor; "Tiger"

First me and Porsche won our CAP (Certificat d' Aptitude de Premier) and the judge told us to stay put because he wanted us or "Tiger" (S*Sandvretens Loch Lomond) to go to panel as best neuter male.

Ohh, what a nervous moment! Last year that happened too, and we won the whole shebang!
This is from when we first got him in November 2010.
He's become so much lighter since he moved into our nice, warm flat.

From last years winning at the Cat Show.
The judge was amazed by Porsches excellent and perfect triangular shape of the head, the excellent contrast in his fur, his condition, his long, muscular body as his temper - but still we lost this beauty competition to "Tiger" :(
But it was a close call, and the owner that was also my cage neighbour, was really surprised to have won over "the amazing Porsche" (as she called him). She would have never thought, she said, but was really happy to have had a real competition for once :)

Bit sad we lost - but since I also thought this was a very good competiter to us, I was not disappointed. Tiger is a very handsome cat.
Next year we will reform our troups and win!
This particular judge; Gianfranco Mantovani from Italy, just had a different credential than our judge from last year who was even more blown away by pretty Porsche and made him the winner!
There is still the racial standard to follow as they do their judgement and we did score Excellent 1 CAP, so we had at least 97 points out of 100!
Porsche got a nice cocarde and he had many fans over the day who got up to us just to see the famous Porsche "live". He is even more famous than me!!! It seemed like EVERY breeder in the place knew about Porsche and was a huge fan of him <3And it was not just his impeccable looks they admired, but also his wonderful personality.
I'm just proud to be the one taking him home. He really is as beautiful on his inside as on the outside.

Now we will relax for a year and if the kids want to have him at the Cat Show in Kalmar next year again, we'll go I suppose :)

And I got to say: my lovely cage neighbour, C, served me fake Champagne and "smörgårtårta" afterwards. What a winner! Thank's C for being such a friendly neighbour :)
Smörgåstårta by Adora BatBrat
by me

Cat Show

Only minutes left until judging.... nervous!
But Porsche looks perfect as always.

Cat Show

Porsche's cage is pimped by me and ready to wow the crowd!
I made a cardboard with a printout of Strawberry Hill castle on to place on top.
It looks stunning!


Finally we are all packed in the car on our way to the Cat Show in Kalmar.

Friday Goth make up, bit dollfie.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bleached and pinkified

Nooo! What's this brown shit at my scalp?
It needs to be killed with peroxides!

I found a bottle and started to kill the brown stuff with a brush.
For a moment I thought I was gonna loose the struggle, but my persistence payed off and eventually the brown gave up. It wasn't a pretty sight at first, mostly carrot and yellow, but I decided not to give up and at last the white won!

Once again another hair saved by the friendly chemicals we call bleach was rescued from a life of shame and ridicule.

I rewarded my winning with a large amount of conditioner with some Directions Flamingo pink mixed with a dash of violet added to my hair.
Thank you, it said.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How we celebrate Swedish Midsummer

Christmas and Midsummer are the biggest holiday celebrations in Sweden.
This German commercial by IKEA was banned because it was supposedly offencive? No Swedes I've ever talked to think so -this IS how it's done! I can totally relate to it - I've been to Midsummer fests like this!

This Midsummer we watched it again, and the only things we didn't agree on in the commercial is the fighting and the tossing of the food. We should never do that - waste food like that?! 
Everything else just made us nod our heads and send around the bottle marked with an X one more time ;)
Why should we feel offended by the truth? Truth is - we are not. Stupid person who banned this.
See how happy we are celebrating!

Crafting: To make a big poster yourself

The framed picture I made yesterday was made like this:
  • big frame
  • a pretty wallpaper
  • printer paper (I used matte photo paper)
  • scissors
  • glue/scotch
  • a lovely picture (pretty you perhaps?) in high resolution
 Photoshop your picture in a style you like (I wanted mine to look a bit like a cartoon and very smooth = surface blur, contrast and down on saturation).
Go to and upload your picture. No registration, just upload an image from your computer and choose how many sheets wide you would like your poster to be once printed.
You can make it HUGE!
Once you're happy with your selection, you can download the PDF file (or print it) containing your newly created images and print each one massively blown up, resulting in a huge pixel poster to stick on your wall.
  I made mine 2 A4 portrait wide.
I can make it as big as I want:
I printed my image on matte photo paper, cut out the images of us and glued it together to one big piece.
Put a piece of wallpaper in the frame, then the cut out picture of us and that's it really.

Make a big collage if you want - add text on stripes, glitter, hearts - go wild!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Poster of me

As ego as I am I still haven't done this before...

I am kind of allergic to having things on my walls and I just want the flat to be anonymous white and pure booring...mostly because colors disturbs my high functioning brain.
Ahh, how lovely!
 "-But hey", you say. "We have seen on pictures you have lots of pink and other colors in your flat!"
With my head bowed in shame I must confess that is true.
What else is true is I have a husband who nags about adding some color at home and wants canvases on EVERY wall!
"-Oh, this wall is white, clean and calming - we must add a canvas here to mess it up."
(and since he is such a doll to look at I try to be obliging)
Okay, I admit these two walls looks kind of cool - but not after a week!
So I change curtains, cushions, canvases and clutters every now and then: summer = soft pink, autumn = light green or grey, winter = well, Christmasy..., spring = light turquoise.
Every now and then I manage to have it all white...for a day or two before he complains.

I focus on being happy with the fact I do have white roofs and white walls in all 5 rooms, as the kitchen and the 2 toilets, and white floors in 3 of the rooms.
I have been lobbying for 3 years to get a white floor in my livingroom as well (instead of that horrendous wooden floor). But still no luck there. He says he don't wanna live in a hospital!
WHAT?! That's lovely I think. He's pretty, but a bit crazy ;)

And here comes the ego part in.
Finally I decided since I'm stuck watching canvases on every wall I might as well have me on them. I should have myself all over the walls! I like how I turn out on pictures and I am a bit of a fan to myself, but admiering my pictures instead of the reflection in the mirror.
And yes, you can be in love with yourself without being a snob about it. Love yourself and be humble. Noone in their right mind can say it's wrong to love yourself.
So today I made a pretty canvas of me and my darling from last years M'era Luna festival.
I love it <3
Darling and me
How it was made? Tell you tomorrow - it's sleeping time now.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Monster High fight

When the kids are not home this Goth mum plays with their Monster High dolls.

I made a lovely fight scene between Cleo de Nile and Draculaura. She's such a bitch that Cleo!

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Goth Midsummer

Swedish midsummer fest just passed as lovely as it always is.

Spend the day with many friends and even more kids.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Adora BatBrat sucks

This is the 1000 post from me to this blog -
and I can just say - I suck!
This should be the best post ever to celebrate this fact, but all I manage is to post a photo where I actually suck.
It's late, I'm tired and I will be up celebrating Midsummer fest tomorrow. I can hear my bed calling...

At the Lövmarknaden/ Leaf market

Me, TeeBee and Fairlight on town.

Ice cream bigger than me!

You know how we usually buy HUGE ice creams for dinner?
Today we had the biggest ice cream ever seen ;)