Thursday, January 26, 2012

Todays make up

Nose is filled with nice, warm mucus.

Brain is filled with angry little men pounding on metal.

Someone used sandpaper in my throat and replaced my voice with a frogs.

Worst thing about having a cold is when your nose is running.

Very few make ups can survive a full day of blowing ones nose.

Not good if you are Goth and want to preserve that pale, half dead, look without having Rudolph 's red, shining, nose in the middle of your flawless face.

On one hand it can work to your favor!

If you manage to blow your nose to pop a blood vessel it can turn out like a really cool Goth make up. You know -  work with what you goth!

But to just be a bit red and ruffed around your nostrils will only make you look like a druggie, and according to me you might joke around about being a junkie, but please don't be.

Enough of "grown up" talk from me :)

Friday is up tomorrow and I will put a spell on you to wake up with an amazing bubbly and happy feeling inside and your hand will create the best make up you have seen and your smile will spread all the way back to me!

Can't belive how ego I am. Can't do anything good without demanding something back.