Thursday, October 13, 2011

Surgery on my bellybutton

I used to have the cutest little bellybutton.

First pregnancy destroyed the pretty little thing, but I had to wait until ALL of our kids were born until I could fix it.
I had surgery done, not of cosmetic reasons but because I had a hole in the stomach that needed to be sewn together.
When I removed the bandage I got a chock - it looked like a pigs snout! Even my friends laughed at me..
I could stand the oinking but it also started to hurt. Not in my heart,but in my tummy.
Everytime I had something tight around my belly, a skirt or a corset, it was like someone attacked me with 2 needles straight to the b.b. I couldn't do situps either.
I complained at the doctor who did the surgery and he said the problem was me beeing to skinny, having no fat to cover my b.b. Lots of bs if you ask me!

Finally another doctor took me serious and promised to perform another surgery to see what's wrong .
Today I got an open spot and had a surgery when I was awake. I was so afraid and he really had to dig deep.
But whiihooo! he found lots of left over stitches that should not have been there. He cut them out and hopefully I'll be wearing corsets soon again! I'm in pain right now, but hopefully no more.

Before todays surgery
The things found inside of me (not the knife though)
After surgery
I wonder what awful surprise will show when I remove the bandage. Hopefully it will be a cute little belly button again <3
I'm bleeding like crazy and hope I will (not) wake up in blood tomorrow.